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    How to Prepare Your Child for University


    20 Sep, 2019

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    • Last week Monday, the Yew Chung International School of Beijing University Guidance Officers held the first of many UGC Parent Workshops planned for this school year. With a wide range of opportunities and options being accessible within the international university landscape after students graduate, choosing the ideal institution can be overwhelming for both students and parents. The purpose of this workshop was to guide parents through the university application process, equip them with resources and knowledge of how they can lend support their children and to highlight the services available at our school to assist their children in preparing for university.

      The workshop was proof that it is never too early to prepare for your child’s university journey, as not only Secondary School parents of were in attendance, but also parents with children still in Kindergarten and Primary School. Parents were addressed by Jonathan Mellen, our YCIS Beijing University Guidance Counselor and John Yi Liu, Regional Coordinator of all the YCIS and YWIES UGOs. The pair touched on several factors and trends in the field and how they can affect students’ applications in future. With China being the top country for students studying abroad worldwide, it is crucial that parents remain informed on how different trends abroad may affect their children.

      The landscape is always changing and these are ways parents and we at YCIS Beijing lend help to students in preparation for university.

      Parents play an important role not only providing basic daily support to their children, but the academic, social and emotional support is as imperative. These are ways parents can support their children in different areas.

      Academically: Parents should at all times keep abreast with their children’s interests, strengths and weaknesses academically. A way of doing this can be by keeping constant contact with teachers and tutors. It is also important for parents to ensure good grades in core subjects are maintained.

      Socially: Because we are all part of a bigger social community. Parents are advised to encourage their children to think beyond themselves. Introducing the concept of global citizenship from a young age is vital as it prepares your child for a diverse larger community outside of theirs. “The universities are looking for global citizens with 21st century skills that have clear goals that help society to develop.”said Jonathan.

      Emotionally: How students handle different situations depends mainly on their emotional intelligence, a trait parents can play a role in developing. Ways in which parents can do this is by teaching your child to reflect on their emotions from a young age and teaching them to manage stressful situations. But most importantly, parents should monitor their children’s behavior.

      The School RoleAt YCIS BJ we have several strategies and programmes in place that ensure our students are university ready. “From the moment a child enters into YCIS the school begins to prepare children for university. Our academic programmes go above and beyond preparing our children for university. The IGCSE and IB programs from Years 10-13 are some of the most rigorous academic programs in the world and recognized by universities worldwide” Jonathan Mellen stated, “We offer students participation in a variety of extra-curricular activities from primary onwards, and a life skills curriculum and implementation of social well-being throughout all year levels. Our unique bilingual program also helps to prepare students for university.”he added.

      In addition to the academic and social programmes available at our school, our UGO is available at all times to give guidance to students starting from Year 9 with a Study Skills class in preparation for university and a dedicated curriculum for Year 12 and 13 students which prepares them for university.

      To read more about our UGO and the services they offer to students, click here.