Yew Chung International School of Beijing is moving forward into 21st century learning and developing their Learning Communities to facilitate better student learning opportunities. Learning Communities will help foster and develop “soft skills” in students, including communication, collaboration, co-operation, resilience, flexibility, and more. These shared spaces will move students to think from “my space” to “our space”. The learning spaces are flexible, open, and transparent, able to be used effectively by both large and small groups of students.

Providing an academic and all-round programme

Primary Learning Communities

Our international primary school in Beijing has been for many years a leader in bilingual education and our unique Co-Teaching model is widely renowned. This will be further enhanced in the coming academic years through the work of our collaborative teaching teams and through the reviews of programmes and assessment methods which have been undertaken.

More recently, we have built a reputation for responding to the demands of 21st century education in the form of Learning Communities.

Through our Learning Communities, YCIS Beijing aims:

  • To stretch all learners to achieve their potential
  • To enable them to influence the approaches to learning that work best for them
  • To build connections between fields of knowledge and across cultures

At Yew Chung International School of Beijing, each Learning Community is framed to respond to each stage of education. In purpose designed and built facilities, we provide for flexible groupings and flexible learning spaces. Through our emphasis on both teacher and student collaboration, we can deliver holistic programmes that respond to the social and emotional needs of the students, their individual differences, their innate curiosity and their need to belong.

Bi-lingual Focus

Our bilingual focus and the development of Learning Communities are designed to contribute to our students’ ongoing achievement of excellent academic results, with the associated opportunities these provide for students seeking to gain access to highly regarded international universities.

We are also committed to supporting responsible global citizenship, significant philanthropic contributions and a strong commitment to values-based education which is fully rounded and balanced, encompassing academic, physical and moral dimensions.

YCIS Beijing is registered with the Ministry of Education as a School for Children of Foreign Nationals. It is accredited by the Council of International Schools, the International Baccalaureate Organisation, and is an authorised provider of the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education. We are also accredited by the local education authorities.


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