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    Impressive Speeches for Remarkable Graduates


    25 Jul, 2023

    08 : 09

    • The moment has arrived! After 13 years of schooling, our nineteen graduates are leaving the walls of YCIS Beijing to embark on a new chapter of their lives that will take them on exciting learning journeys to new continents and new life experiences. Thanks to the wonderful partnership between our parents, university guidance counsellor, teachers and students, our graduates earned 50 university offers from around the world.


      On the 28th of June, a festive ceremony was held in the auditorium to celebrate the Class of 2023. Attendees included parents, teachers, fellow students, friends, and alumni to witness this momentous occasion. Despite the rainy weather and some difficulty keeping mortar hats in place, nothing could dampen the joyful and positive atmosphere of the graduation ceremony and the celebratory luncheon at The Hilton.


      Musical interludes and speeches created the festive framework for the graduation ceremony. The speeches were the key highlight of the event, as they allowed the opportunity to mark this special day and inspire the graduates for their future. Each speaker delivered heartfelt congratulations and shared their insightful and experiential message with the students. We have carefully chosen a beautiful quote from each speaker that is rich in wisdom, conveys a touching message, or deserves deeper contemplation. Please enjoy!









      Best of Quotes


      "You will always be a part of the YCYW family." 

      CEO and School Supervisor of the YCYW Education Network, Dr Betty Chan Po-King 












      "Know that you carry the hopes and dreams of those who supported you every step of the way." 

      IB Coordinator (Head of Secondary from August 2023), Dr Tanya Nizam












      “Work on your heart, it is the well-spring of life”.

      CUGO Mr Jonathan Mellen
















      "It is okay to ask for help."

      Alumna Stella Snider-Hickey (Class of 2022)
















       “Maintain a gratifying heart for learning.”

      Co-Principal, Jessica Sun















      “The future is not something that happens to us; it is a path that we create.”

      Valedictorian Annie Shen









      Following Mr Mellen's inspirational speech, Co-Principal Jessica Sun and IB Coordinator Dr Tanya Nizam presented the students with their IB diplomas. Each Year 13 student had their individual and precious moment on stage, which was captured on camera.


      We express our gratitude to all the speakers who delivered their speeches with various emphases. Although their speeches differed, they all shared the same belief in acknowledging individual achievements and respecting the learning process. They emphasised the significance of being part of a community and recognised the value of past experiences in shaping the future. Learning is a privilege that deserves our utmost respect and enthusiasm.


      We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Sara Fernandez and Tiger Yan Guan Ming (both Year 12), our amazing masters of ceremony who skillfully led us through the program. Additionally, we would like to thank the Primary Choir, the solo artists Francis Li (Year 10)  for his graceful Erhu Performance, Brendon Chu (Year 9) for his beautiful piano rendition and singer Layla Cobb (Y13) for presenting her thoughtful song “Journey”.


      Our sincere congratulations go out to all the graduates of YCIS Beijing. Their hard work and dedication have laid a strong foundation for their future success. We encourage them to use their skills, knowledge and character to make a positive impact on the world, whether through acts of kindness or ground-breaking innovations. As they move forward into the next chapters in their lives, we hope they stay connected with our community and continue to soar to new heights.