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    Growing Up | K4 and Y6 Graduation


    25 Jul, 2023

    08 : 29

    • Growing Up | K4 and Y6 Graduation


      With the conclusion of our academic year, our K4 and Year 6 students are ready to embrace new beginnings. Our kindergarten learners are eager to continue their educational journey in Year 1, building upon the foundation they have gained in kindergarten. Meanwhile, our Year 6s have successfully completed Primary school and are excited to begin their next adventure as Secondary students. Both the K4 and Year 6 classes held graduation ceremonies, which were attended by parents, teachers, and friends to celebrate the special occasion.


      K4 – We are so proud of you


      The completion ceremony for our kindergarteners celebrated the pride and excitement our K4 students have for being school-aged. The event was a joyous occasion, with active and joyful participation from the children.


      Year 6 – Our lives at YCIS


      The graduation ceremony for Year 6 students was an equal success. Along with receiving their graduation certificates, students gave speeches about their experiences at YCIS and were inspired by words from Primary Leadership, Jane Martuneac Kang and April Peng. The event had a vivid yet celebratory tone, and student performances added to the joyful atmosphere.

    • K4 Completion Ceremony

    • Y6 Graduation Ceremony