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    Good Sports: Most Valuable Players Awards


    31 Jul, 2023

    07 : 46

    • We wrapped up two highly productive semesters that brimmed with sports activities and competitions. As a token of appreciation for our outstanding players, we have carefully selected the Most Valuable Players (MVPs) in various sports disciplines to acknowledge their unyielding commitment to sports and the school community. Let's give a big round of applause to our MVPs!


      Our Athletics Director, Mr Brendan Markey shared his thoughts on sports and the MVP awards:


      "Engaging in sports offers students a chance to cultivate vital life skills such as resilience, perseverance, communication, and time management. We highly appreciate the valuable contributions made by our student-athletes to our school community and celebrate their accomplishments, both on and off the field. The winners of these MVP awards have demonstrated exceptional skills, leadership and teamwork. They have guided their teams to victory and inspired their peers to reach their full potential. Their achievements remind us of the many benefits that sports can provide to our students. We look forward to seeing more outstanding performances from our student-athletes in the future. Congratulations!"

    • U14 Boys  Petr Dementyev (Volleyball, Basketball, Football)

    • U14 Girls  Hyorim Lee - Rimy (Volleyball)

    • U14 Girls  Lidia Du (Basketball)

    • U14 Girls  Luda Lee (Football)

    • U19 Boys HT Chu (Volleyball)

    • U19 Boys Terry Wu (Basketball)

    • U19 Boys Ben Wu (Football)

    • U19 Girls Charlie Leung (Volleyball)

    • U19 Girls Hannah Lin (Basketball)

    • U19 Girls Lidia Du (Football)