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    The Sounds of Summer | Primary End of Year Concert


    25 Jul, 2023

    08 : 04

    • Our Primary students recently held their end of year concert, which left everyone excited and inspired for the upcoming summer holidays. The young performers from Years 1 to 6 showcased a blend of classic and contemporary songs, both vocal and instrumental, that were filled with joy, happiness, and plenty of groovy summer vibes.


      Family and friends in the audience were treated to a diverse range of performances, which included exceptional solos, captivating whole year group pieces, and impressive choir numbers. All the performers displayed a high level of skill and passion. A special shout-out goes to young violinists in Years 1-3 for showcasing their hard work and dedication they have put into their violin lessons throughout the school year.


      Parents could mingle and connect before and after the event while admiring the first annual Primary Art Show. It was a delightful and uplifting ambience combining the performing and visual arts.


      We want to thank our committed students, music and performing art directors, Ms Setenay Agrali, Ms Erin Luce, Mr Gordon Robb, our Primary Choirmasters, Mr Devreaux Poole and Ms Siobhan Keane as well as our violin teachers, Ms Chi Wang and Ms Aili Ai, for bringing us the heart-warming experience of the ‘Sounds of Summer’. The end of year concert was a fantastic way to cap off the school year, leaving both performers and the audience feeling happy, inspired and ready for a well-deserved summer break!