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    Award-Winning Business Ideas from YCIS Beijing Students


    07 Aug, 2023

    07 : 34

    • They are smart, committed and never seem to run out of business ideas! Two eager teams, each consisting of four YCIS Beijing students in Years 7 and 9, have proved again that start-up success is not linked to age or financial resources but rather smart thinking, commitment, and excellent teamwork! ‘The Good Idea Group’ (TGIG) consisting of Brendon Chu, Daisy Lin, Jeremy Wan and Sum Chan and ‘The Light’ members Charles Lin, Jamie Wan, Justin Chu and Grant Yang convinced the international jury at the YIEC (International Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest) again and won 1st and 3rd prizes for their start-up business ideas, respectively! Our two student teams have accomplished a great feat by presenting and pitching their business ideas. They put a lot of effort into researching, developing marketing strategies, financial planning, exploring sales channels and funding. We are incredibly proud of their determination and hard work.


      Now let us take a closer look at their inspiring business ideas.


      TGIG: The Health Buddy Bracelet – ‘Smilet’


      Our first-prize winners could convince an international jury with their revolutionary invention ‘Smilet’. ‘Smilet’ is a smart app accompanied bracelet that can effectively manage and reduce stress levels, especially in teenagers. The bracelet utilises advanced biosensing technology to accurately detect and indicate the wearer's stress levels by measuring the presence of the stress hormone cortisol. The smart app provides timely intervention and support through audiobooks, music, habit tracking, encouraging messages or links to health professionals.


      The Light: The Targeted Learning Device – ‘EduWatch’


      The innovative product ‘The Light’ came up with is designed to make learning learners targeted. By adding a high-definition projector and a camera module to the user‘s smartwatch, learning and access to learning content is possible anywhere and at any time. The ‘EduWatch’ promotes smart learning through a teaching module that is interactive and tailored to the individual student’s needs. The watch is like an AI tutor but also serves as a motivational device as students learn by enhancing the interactivity of the product.


      We are thoroughly impressed and inspired by the innovative business ideas presented by our students. These ideas stem from their passion for entrepreneurship as well as their desire to make a positive impact on the world. Congratulations to both teams on their well-deserved accomplishment!