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    Best of–The Year 2022/23 in Review


    27 Aug, 2023

    18 : 13

    • We had an amazing school year filled with many highlights that showcased our commitment to empowering students with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. In addition to the outstanding academic achievements of our student body, evidenced in impressive IGCSE and IB results, the stellar university offers and scholarship awards, our ‘best of’ edition includes amazing performances, concerts and art exhibitions, our students’ hands-on dedication to community service, successful engagement in extra-curricular activities and competitions, and amazing large-scale cross-campus events including earning a title in the Guinness Book of World Records. Moreover, this school year marked the 90th anniversary of the YCYW education network, which was celebrated through numerous fantastic events and celebrations. As we reflect on the past, we eagerly anticipate another fantastic school year ahead.


      1. YCYW 90 Years Celebrations

      Our foundation’s rich history was honoured with the traditional Founder's Day event on October 14th that was brimming with meaningful and fun activities for our students in ECE, Primary and Secondary. Later in the school year, the online cross-campus Art Carnival showcased our students’ artworks and creativity in a mesmerising visual feast. The festivities reached their much-anticipated highlight in June with a dazzling Gala Night that attracted 300 guests to celebrate the 90-year anniversary milestone and the future mission for continuous advancement in Science and Technology, Culture and Art, and Love and Charity.


      2. Outstanding Academics

      In the last school year, we were able to celebrate great academic successes. Our students earned top IGCSE results, with two students receiving the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.


      3. Achievements beyond the Curriculum

      In the previous school year, our students had many exciting chances to participate in diverse activities, such as competitions and skill-testing exercises, either individually or as part of a team. Our enthusiastic readers in Lower Secondary participated in the Battle of the Books (BOB) competing over book trivia with other international schools earning the title runner up. Several International Math Competitions, including UKMT, PMC, and Math Kangaroo, provided an opportunity for our Primary and Secondary students to put their logical reasoning and problem-solving skills to the test. The students excelled in these competitions, with many of them earning awards. Reading is part of the Chinese curriculum, but the cross-campus reading project added to the students’ literary interest. In addition, YCIS Beijing was one of ten schools to participate in the ‘Most people in an online violin playing video relay’, which earned the network the Guinness World Records title.


      4. Performing and Fine Arts

      Our students have a remarkable passion for the performing and fine arts, and they take great pleasure in conveying their thoughts and emotions through dramamusic, and artwork. The school musical has proven to be a wonderful platform for fostering and enhancing our students' many artistic talents. Furthermore, our campus hosted the 3-day ISTA drama festival, where students engaged in theatrical action. A variety of instrumental and vocal concerts have occurred over the course of the year, providing a well-rounded musical experience. We also held our first Primary Art Show, which was a great success.


      5. Celebrating Our Community

      At YCIS Beijing, we value not only achieving our full potential and developing the skills and abilities of each student but also the special bond between our community members: students, parents, and teachers. Our youngest learners had a great time celebrating ECE Family Day. We also had a wonderful Global Community Day event to foster connections and appreciate multiculturalism.


      6. Love and Charity

      In addition to our school community, our students are dedicated to contributing to the wider community. Our school has been partnering with the Migrant Children's Foundation (MCF) for several years now, supporting student-led community service initiatives and raising funds for the organisation. The student-led organisation WeEcho supports hard-of-hearing children and their families through fundraisers and family outings. Additionally, the school organised a student-led donation drive after the destructive earthquake in Syria and Turkey.


      7. Sports – Go Scorpions!

      Our Secondary students have plenty of opportunities to participate in co-curricular sports team activities and to compete in friendly matches and tournaments against other international schools. We awarded our MVPs (Most Valuable Players) for their achievements on and off the field. Our Primary students tested their team and athletic skills by joining the UNICEF China World Children’s Day Cup.


      8. University Offers

      Our Class of 2023 received outstanding university offers with an inclination towards the field of business and choices in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science including offers from the University of Warwick, University of Edinburgh, ESSEC Business School, University of Hong Kong , Purdue University and Middlebury College, USA.


      9. Scholarships

      We proudly support and acknowledge our students’ diverse talents and interests through a wide range of merit-based scholarships. For the 2023-2024 YCYW Scholarships, eighteen students were awarded for demonstrating academic prowess, exceptional leadership qualities and commitment to service.