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    An Unforgettable Field Trip of Exploration and Discoveries


    14 Mar, 2024

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    • It is our school’s drive and commitment to align in Science & Technology and promote a passion and understanding for it among our students. As part of this effort, Years 7 and 8 visited the China Science and Technology Museum. This immersive field trip was a captivating experience for the students as they embraced the opportunity to put into perspective what they had learned in the science lab and classroom lessons. It allowed them to develop a deeper understanding of scientific principles and their applications while also gaining insight into the cultural and historical contexts that have shaped the world we live in today.


      The students were fully immersed in the fascinating exhibits, which allowed them to engage with interactive displays on various scientific concepts, including space exploration, robotics, environmental science, and physics. The museum’s hands-on approach provided students with the opportunity to experience these concepts in action, a crucial aspect of STEAM education.


      During the museum visit, our Secondary Mathematics and Science teachers, Mr Connor Kavanagh and Mr Jeff Alvarez, tasked their students to delve deeper into comprehending the exhibits by creating quizzes and scavenger hunts for future visitors. The students happily engaged in this valuable exercise to test their understanding of the museum content while it encouraged their creativity, critical thinking and reflective abilities. Additionally, the museum’s bilingual displays provided an excellent opportunity for our students to practice their professional language skills in the field of science, which aligns with our Bilingual Learning Community (BLC) initiative.


      Overall, the museum visit was a resounding success, providing students with a hands-on opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of science and technology and reinforcing the YCIS mission to align with these future-oriented studies. Our students left the museum with a wealth of knowledge, feeling inspired and eager to continue discovering the marvellous wonders of Science and Technology!


      Comments from our teachers and students:


                "The visit to the China Science and Technology Museum proved to be an enriching experience for our students, as they interacted with hands-on displays and deepened their grasp of science and technology. Their curiosity was sparked by the museum's innovative exhibits, which provided them with a memorable opportunity to see science in action." -Mr Connor Kavanagh, Secondary Mathematics Teacher


                "The museum visit was a joy as we observed the students' strong engagement and curiosity, particularly their active involvement with the many interactive exhibits. It served as an exceptional platform for education, initiating meaningful conversations that are likely to carry over from the experience into their everyday home and school life." -Mr Jeff Alvarez, Head of Secondary Science


                "We had plenty of fun learning through interactive experiences. The museum was an amazing experience that taught me many cool facts about the capabilities of science and technology." -Avery Hung (Y7)


              "The museum has lots of fascinating exhibits and interactive displays, which I found really engaging!" -Zoe Chen (Y7)


               "I discovered that Morse Code is more challenging than it appears. The exhibit helped me understand how people communicated before the digital era." -Lucas Clostermann (Y8)