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    Enrichment through Kick Boxing


    24 Jun, 2016

    10 : 00

    • There is often the preconception that those who train in martial arts do so to learn how to fight, when in reality the largest majority do so for its unique and highly effective health benefits. During YCIS Beijing’s IGCSE Enrichment Programme, which took place over the last two weeks of June, students were given the special opportunity to learn the art of kickboxing from professional trainers from Uppercut Studios. The goals of these kickboxing classes were explained by Secondary Teachers and Kickboxing ASA teachers Adrian Oak and Bradley Locke.


      The first goal was to introduce students the basics of Kickboxing and allow them to get hands-on guidance from experts. As kickboxing requires fast and precise aerobic movements, students were able to feel the health benefits almost immediately. Each lesson required students to run, kick, punch, spar, jump, and complete small obstacles courses, all of which not only burn unwanted calories but improve cardiovascular endurance, agility, flexibility, and raise heart rate. Under the trainers’ tutelage, students quickly showed marked improvement and demonstration of refined form.

      Humility and Respect

      All martial arts have a physical application that has the ability to inflict pain and damage on others. That is why one of the most important aspects of any training is to teach students that violence is not a solution to any problem. During the sparring sections of their training, students were taught that one must treat their trainer and fellow students with mutual respect. If a fellow student were to accidentally cause you some pain, it was unintentional; through controlled breathing and becoming open to the perspective of others, aggression can be controlled. This skill, as with most that can be attained through martial arts, has applications that are wide-reaching and can be utilised throughout every aspect of one’s life.


      Whilst students saw marked progress in their physical abilities during their training session, students also found that the difference between a beginner and master was incredibly large. The sparring demonstrations between trainers had students in awe as they began to appreciate that it is only through years of serious dedication to one’s craft that true and lasting progress can be made. Never giving up, pursuing your passion, and taking whatever it is that you apply yourself to seriously is something that YCIS Beijing aims to instill in each and every student; the key is to find the medium in which the student can come to this realization themselves. Only through the self-discovery of this ethic can they attain satisfaction and a sense of achievement. After two weeks of expert-trained kickboxing lessons during YCIS Beijing’s IGCSE Enrichment Programme, it was obvious that many students had begun to reach this conclusion.

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