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    Primary Student Council Gives Back to the Community


    01 Jul, 2016

    10 : 00

    • The 2015 – 2016 academic year was filled with countless classes, activities, and events. During the summer break, we’re featuring a new series titled “YCIS Beijing Rewind,” which looks back at this past year and gives attention to various events and accomplishments that we simply didn’t get the chance to appreciate. In this edition of “YCIS Beijing Rewind”, we take a look at YCIS Beijing’s Primary School Student Council fundraiser for a Beijing special needs orphanage.

      In April, the student council initiated an Easter Fundraiser in order to raise money for the New Day Foster Home in Beijing. As a result of our student’s hard work and dedication, an amazing 8,719 RMB was raised through generous donations. In May, the student council had a wonderful opportunity to visit this orphanage and see what they were contributing to. Their experience defied expectations when they saw the immaculate facilities and the loving environment that New Day Foster Home provides for orphans with special needs. We sat down with our philanthropic students for a quick interview to hear their reflections on contributing to this worthwhile cause:

      When I went there, I felt sorry for the kids. It was a bit sad that they were orphans and had diseases. I was very happy to see that the children were so well cared for. It must have been hard work to care for them but I was surprised to see that they all looked healthy. I am glad that I took the trip to New Day Foster Home. In books, orphanages are often pictured as bad places, but here, it was the opposite. This made me realise how lucky I am and it also made me glad that we were helping all the children there.Carys

      I felt happy because we raised all the money to help these wonderful kids and we did our best to help them. It made me think more about these kids.Sara.

      My favourite part of the orphanage visit was playing with the kids. I was surprised that when we played with them they were not afraid. Instead, they just wanted to play. It made me think about how taking care of kids is better than I thought. Andy.

      At YCIS Beijing, we pride ourselves on our commitment to charity. Seeing our Primary students also getting involved and doing their best to help those in need gives us a great sense of joy and faith in our future generations. For more news happening on and around the Yew Chung International School of Beijing Campus, please click here.