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    Why This Teacher Focuses on Challenges, Curricula, and Chocolates


    23 Sep, 2021

    10 : 00

    • As part of this month’s ‘Meet YCIS’ series, we speak with Ms Shiny Zhang, primary Chinese teaching and learning co-ordinator at Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing).

      Ms Zhang joined YCIS Beijing because she believed in its international philosophy and global perspective that offers teachers and students insights into diverse cultures.

      Her career at YCIS Beijing began three years ago as a primary homeroom teacher. This gave her greater insight into the international school’s curriculum and teaching approach. She now works at improving the curriculum to help maintain the high quality of teaching at the school.

      Originally from Shanghai, Ms Zhang spent two years studying in the United States, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (TESOL). Over the years, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in this area.

      Ms Zhang greatly enjoys interacting with students. She feels her colleagues are amiable and helpful. They frequently offer new perspectives on teaching and learning.

      Outside school, she might be found reading books or working out at the gym. Her favourite nibble is chocolate. She also enjoys travel and has been to several countries, including Japan, Thailand, England, France and Mexico.

      Her advice for her students is to welcome challenges and to strive to become better each day.