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    3 school clubs that serve up stocks, photos, tea


    23 Feb, 2021

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    • As youngsters we all develop a number of interests through exposure to new activities, meeting new people and travelling during family holidays. Interests may be diverse, ranging from sports to the arts, or even academic, with some drawn to science or maths.

      We spoke to three YCIS Beijing students, Kaiyo N (Y13), Ai Cheng X (Y7) and Andrew W (Y13) – whose interests evolved into student-run clubs covering stock trades, Japanese tea culture and photography. We look at how these clubs developed and the driving force behind this inspiration.

      The Stock ClubKaiyo Y13

      What can members expect when joining the club?The Stock Club provides students and teachers the opportunity to gain a basic knowledge of stock markets and investment. The workshops allow attendees to learn about technical analysis, such as Moving Average Divergence/Convergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Bollinger Bands.

      The focus of the first workshop was MACD, a widely used technical indicator that reveals the strength, direction, momentum, and duration of a trend in a stock's price. As a club we analysed specific stocks, such as Tesla, and how MACD can be used in various situations.

      What inspired you to start the Stock Club?Financial literacy is a basic life skill that is more relevant now than ever. It is not only a skill for adults, but also a skill all youth must develop to prepare for university, financial independence, and their future. Most schools do not offer courses in finance and investment. Thus, I decided to establish the Stock Club to provide students with the basic knowledge. 

      We might not become billionaires in one or two years, but being able to earn some extra pocket money is definitely helpful.

      Who can join and how?There are no specific requirements to join the club. You can be a beginner or a professional, a teacher or a student. As the workshop host, I also learn new aspects pertaining to investment on a daily basis. I am not here only to share what I know, but I am always ready to learn something new from attendees as well.________________________________________Secondary Photography ClubAndrew Y13

      What can students expect at your club?We normally take photos of school events, such as Christmas and CNY concerts, Founder’s Day, various assemblies, and sporting events, etc.  We share our photos with the marketing department, which occasionally uses them for different publications such as the YCIS yearbook, the school website news section, and the school’s official WeChat account.

      Founded in 2019, the first event we covered was the Christmas Bazaar, which was followed by another major event, the 2020 Founder’s Day. Delphine and I took on lead roles in the photography club. We also use photographs to communicate with the school’s internal members.

      Melody and Teresa who have been valuable members of the club this academic year are photographers and they’re in charge of selecting the best photos to share with the school and for the yearbook.

      What led you to establish the Secondary Photography Club?I’m personally interested in photography, so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to invite like-minded individuals to join me in developing photography skills by taking photos around our campus. I shared my idea with Ms Allison Cusato, our Secondary Art Teacher, who offered to supervise the club and provide us with creative direction and guidance with a more experienced perspective.  

      My aim with this club ultimately, is to take more photos of all the different events and activities across the campus and to share the photos within the school community.  

      Who is eligible to join and how?We welcome all upper secondary students who have their own single lens reflex camera, and are interested in photography. Before joining, we also request some samples of photos they might have in their portfolio. 

      To join the club, students can contact Teresa and Melody (both members of the Year 12 Dragons).________________________________________The Green ClubAi Cheng Y7

      What does joining the club entail?Joining the Green Club involves learning about and exploring Japanese tea culture and wagashi (Japanese sweet treats).

      I hope for the club to research the history of Japanese green tea and the differences in colour and flavour compared with other kinds of teas. Then, we’ll discover the methods used to make the tea and try these on our own. Lastly, we’ll explore the role of wagashi in Japanese tea culture and make our own wagashi (members of the club can contribute funds for the purchase of the ingredients).

      What steered you to launch the Green Club?The inspiration behind the club comes from my long interest in Japanese culture, because it’s part of my identity. Although I was born in China, I feel a stronger connection with Japanese culture as I moved to Japan when I was only three months old. I grew up there. I understand Japanese culture better than Chinese culture. After I joined YCIS Beijing, where a diverse background of international students attend, I felt that I would like to share more about Japan (and its culture) for others to enjoy.

      How can other students join?Anyone with an interest in Japanese tea culture can join the club. The club invites students of all nationalities, genders and ages to sign up. I’ll share a poster on Teams where students can join, and they can message me through chats. We might also set up a group chat afterwards for easy communication and sharing.

      With the enforced time online during the past year, we are certain students will be looking forward to face-to-face interactions, and what better way than via interactive student-run clubs?