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    Celebrating Chinese New Year at YCIS Beijing


    08 Feb, 2021

    10 : 00

    • We are so proud of our Primary school students and teachers for an entertaining and successful Chinese New Year Concert as part of the YCIS Beijing CNY celebrations. 

      After much preparation by our teachers, the unexpected return to e-learning meant the physical concert's cancellation.  However, we just couldn't let our students and parents down. So, teachers took a proactive approach and arranged a video crew to film the CNY dress rehearsal, and just like that, a rehearsal turned into a full-fledged show. 

      "The ox represents diligence and strength in Chinese culture", asserted April Peng, YCIS Beijing Primary Vice Principal, the tireless effort that went into organizing what this year's Chinese New Year Concert on Saturday, January 30th, paid off!

      Students arrived at the campus in their best Qipaos and Tangzhuang for the dress rehearsal in the school's auditorium. The programme included various Chinese themed performances, the celebration of Chinese traditions such as tea harvesting, traditional Chinese clothing, and food.

      Although parents could not attend in person, the school arranged for the show's broadcast to all primary school parents as per the original plan on January 30th.

      Click here to enjoy some of the rehearsal images.