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    How Hoodies Brought Together an IB Class


    18 Jan, 2021

    10 : 00

    • The class of 2020 experienced what some may label the most challenging year of their academic lives due to COVID-19, but their successors, this year's seniors (Years 12 and 13), have to live with the aftermath of the virus disruptions. With limited activities on campus, students have fewer opportunities to bond and get to know one another. Unsurprisingly, when Mr Jonathan Mellen, Secondary Co-ordinator and University Guidance Counsellor came up with the idea for students to apply themselves to community service and unity through something as simple as their clothes, students were excited. Enter: the YCIS hoodie project.

      A Rose, A Camera and Some CheeseTwo art enthusiasts, Melody and Teresa (both in Year 12) and the lead co-ordinator, Delphine (Year 13) came together to brainstorm a gift design for the graduating class. "At first, I was thinking about creating necklaces," said Delphine but, due to a limited budget, they opted for hoodies instead.

      Year 12 students successfully created and produced their personalised hoodie designs, each featuring a customised Chinese Zodiac sign. When Delphine approached Melody to help design Year 13 hoodies, the Year 12 art student was delighted. She came up with the ingenious idea of adding a special personal touch, a "symbol that represented an individual."

      After several animated discussions, in addition to adding each student's face at the back of each garment, the final sleeve design incorporated symbols like "a rose, cheese, a camera, a football, hotpot and more", Melody explains. The purpose was to exhibit each student’s particular love.

      She added, "I think it's worth mentioning that the choice of colour for the design, Aegean Teal, the colour of the year in 2021, adds a nice commemorative touch."

      This project was a labour of love for the students. For Delphine, it represented how challenging and unforgettable this school year was and a reminder of special happy moments.

      Benefits of CollaborationAll three students believe their organisational and communication skills have significantly improved through this project that also helped them learn more about their fellow students and their specific likes.

      At first, Delphine thought she knew exactly what design element her classmate, Emily (Year 13) would choose – a book perhaps, to showcase her studiousness? But Emily picked the hotpot motif, as she loves this dish.

      Teresa has ambitions to pursue the arts in the future and this activity was an excellent platform to hone her skills. “It will also help improve my CAS (Community, Activity and Service) score," she adds.

      The CAS programme encourages students to offer their skills and time for the benefit of our immediate and broader community. However, although student-led initiatives are encouraged during the IB years, students have initiated several projects in the past months, such as the Christmas bake sale, which are worth highlighting.

      Melody believes Mr Mellen was able to achieve the desired result through this exercise. "The concept of the hoodie in Year 13 brought everyone together.”

      Well done, seniors! We look forward to seeing other exciting and creative endeavours in the coming months.

      *Images courtesy of the Secondary Photography Club.