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    YCIS-BJ parents say ‘yes’ to ice cream and t-shirts – and that’s not all


    22 Sep, 2020

    10 : 00

    • This year’s annual teacher appreciation breakfast was not the usual foodie event due to campus entrance restrictions. However, thanks to our Parent Organization (PO), teachers and staff were treated to some multicoloured cupcakes along with hot beverages.

      This organization has worked tirelessly to create a friendly communal atmosphere at school through various events such as the teacher appreciation breakfast, the Christmas bazaar and various parent workshops on and off campus. This has not only helped foster relationships between new and current parents but also contributed significantly to our community at large. It has been pivotal in fostering our school values and philosophy. 

      Described by Jenny Chu, PO Co-President, as “a volunteer service group”, the organization has received interest from a diverse group of parents who meet on the first Wednesday of each month. Among some of the topics discussed during these meets are student wellbeing, school events and any parent concerns.

      According to Ms Chu, “Knowing what’s happening in school… gives parents more confidence in their decision to have their children study at YCIS.”

      Headed by Co-Presidents Jenny Chu and Eike Weterholt, two parents who have a combined 14-year relationship with the school, the parent organization seeks to replicate the school’s leadership style that embraces both Western and Chinese cultures.

      Although 2020 has been a special year, the Parent Organization is still committed to serving our school’s community and providing support, which is why they are currently recruiting for parent representative positions. According to Ms Chu, these roles will be specific to year levels in order to provide tailored assistance. In addition, these representatives will also be providing support for upcoming school events such as our Founder’s Day, which is in conjunction with the YCIS Beijing 25th Anniversary celebration.

      For this Founder’s Day, the organization will be printing special edition House t-shirts and hoodies to mark the milestone. The tradition of distributing ice cream to students will continue. Despite all the limitations the PO is determined to push ahead and find “alternative solutions”.