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    Presidential Mom: Jenny Chu and the YCIS Beijing Parent Organisation


    29 Sep, 2017

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    • Beijing Mom’s returns this week with the story of one of the school community’s most visible and respected members, Jenny Chu.  Originally from California, Jenny and her family have been with Yew Chung International School of Beijing for six years, during which time she’s taken up the important post of the Chinese Co-President of the Parent Organisation.

      In speaking with Jenny, she shares stories of her family’s experience in Beijing, as well as offers encouragement for other parents who wish to get more involved in school life through the YCIS Beijing Parent Organisation.

      Please introduce yourself.

      My name is Jenny Chu.  I’m a Taiwanese American from the Sunshine State of California.

      How many years has your family been with YCIS Beijing? 

      This is our 6th year in YCIS Beijing. We have two boys here; they both started from ECE K3 kindergarten, and now they’re in Primary Year 4 and Year 2.  

      How did you learn about YCIS Beijing, and what led you to choose this school for your children?

      When we first moved to Beijing 6 years ago, I studied and visited most international schools in the city.  Eventually, our family decided on YCIS Beijing for several reasons. The first reason was

      The first reason was because of its unique Co-Teaching model.  We think that it’s great for the boys, not only because they have Chinese and English lessons daily, but also because the bilingual learning environment also enhances children’s language skills during other subject lessons. This is especially beneficial for students of a young age.  Additionally, through the Co-Teaching model, students are fully exposed to both Western and Eastern cultures as well. The second reason was

      The second reason was because of school's emphasis on Character Education and its focus on developing students’ confidence, discipline, diligence, courtesy, honesty, courage and many other good character qualities.

      Finally, another reason we chose YCIS Beijing was because of its strong music programme.  We love that violin is taught to all students from Year 1 to Year 3, as it teaches young students to appreciate music and to build confidence in themselves through performance.

      What changes have you and your family experienced during your time here?

      We’ve been very grateful to see our children grow and learn happily in school every day. And for myself, I’ve met many great parents at school and been involved in many school activities and events.  Being an active part of the school community has greatly enhanced our family’s life in Beijing.

      Could you please introduce the Parent Organisation and its objectives?

      The YCIS Beijing Parent Organisation (PO) is a volunteer service group of parents whose children are currently enrolled in the school.  The purpose of PO is to help create a sense of community by organizing and conducting social and community events for students and parents.

      What value does the PO bring to parents, and what does it mean to you to be a part of the PO?

      I’m very proud to say that we have a very bonded and caring community; we’re a big YCIS Family! And the PO is an essential and important piece of this community. The PO is a fantastic resource for parents to meet new friends, exchange experiences and support each other inside and outside of school.  

      What types of activities does the PO get involved in?

      Every year, the PO organises many fun and meaningful charity events that involve students, teachers and parents. Some of these events include the Christmas Wish Tree, Christmas Bazaar, and Charity Ball.  The funds raised from these events will be donated to the YCIS Seeds of Hope Foundation and other charity organisations. The PO also supports school events such as Founder's Day and Global Community Day, in addition to other school and student events.

      We also offer a wide variety of activities and events in which parents can participate, such as luncheons, outings, classes, seminars and workshops throughout the year.  The weekly parent classes include Chinese Brush Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Oil Painting, Hoop Dance, Belly Dance, and Floral Arrangement, among others. This week, we also conducted a health seminar and a workshop teaching parents how to make delicious moon cakes.

      What advice would you offer to parents looking to get more involved in school life?

      Come join us! The PO welcomes and needs you! Our Monthly Morning Coffee Meeting is on the first Wednesday of every month in the Parent Room of Building A. Come learn more about us and join in the fun!

      How does it feel being on campus every day with your boys?

      Since I've been involved in many parent activities and classes, I’m on the school campus very frequently.  I’ll often bump into my boys and their classmates, and they will run to me and give me big hugs and kisses.  

      I feel very joyful and grateful that I am able to be a part of their school life, and I know they feel the same way to see me in school.