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    Why Sign Up for YCIS Beijing Virtual Tour?


    19 Jun, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Since the beginning of March, our enthusiastic Admissions Advisors have been conducting interactive, real time virtual campus tours for prospective parents interested in learning more about the school – also an opportunity for them to see our beautiful school premises located adjacent the Honglingjin Park in downtown Beijing. Sara Wramner, Deputy Head of Admissions has conducted several tours in the past months and here she shares the purpose of and how parents benefit from such online tours.

      During regular school times, parents are able to visit our campus for a face to face tour, but at the moment, due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and restrictions regarding who can access our campus, virtual tours are the sole way parents can view our premises.

      Although our website provides information about our campus facilities and a virtual tour of key areas, Ms Wramner states that “it is important for prospective parents to get a feel for our campus facilities, envision the student-teacher interaction and see what we have to offer to their family.”  Which is the reason why during the tours, she and her equally experienced colleagues, always showcase "our innovative learning spaces, the outstanding libraries, the art and music studios, the auditorium, gym, and cafeteria. Some of the things parents like to see the most are our Staff Board” because they get an opportunity to see our diverse cohort of teachers, and of course, our renowned open Learning Communities.

      Our online tours have been a suitable alternative to school visits during the outbreak, according to Sara because “most prospective parents enjoy seeing our premises, and speaking to us “face to face” even though it is via an iPad screen.” She adds that “even though we would have preferred to have the face to face contact, this is the second-best option with an interactive personalized virtual experience.”

      Another benefit to the virtual tour has been the opportunity for parents to see the preparations our school has put in place as a preventative measure for COVID-19. Learners’ desks have been divided to avoid direct contact, there are hand sanitisers in different areas of our premises and information signs to teach students about how to keep disinfected when on campus.

      Campus tours are usually tailored according to each family’s needs and specifically the students’ year levels, with tours taking place “in our ECE Early Childhood Education (K2 to K4), Primary Years 1 to 6, and Secondary School Years 7 to 13,” she says. During the tours, parents can see lessons in action and ask related questions as required.

      Besides our Admissions Advisors, during their virtual campus tour, parents can have other discussions via zoom with key academic staff, and set up calls as well if needed. Our Admissions Advisors also arrange online academic interviews for our secondary students.

      Following the most recent school closure, Sara and the other Advisors expect more virtual campus tour in the coming weeks. She advises parents to schedule an online visit with them because “This is an excellent way to learn more about us and to see our beautiful downtown campus! Tours can be scheduled from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We look forward to welcoming parents for a virtual campus tour soon”

      To book your tour of our campus, click here.