Campus & Facilities

YCIS Beijing campus is more than a place of education. It is a place for students to grow and make their dreams a reality. With our school facilities they can explore knowledge, exercise their minds and bodies, engage in artistic pursuits, build social skills, and enhance their sense of belonging – all in a multicultural setting. The campus embodies the unique spirit and philosophy of YCIS.


Classrooms and Learning Communities

From the science laboratory to the music room, all of our classrooms and Learning Communities have the equipment and facilities to enable effective and stimulating learning.

For ECE and Primary we have replaced the traditional classroom model with our open plan, flexible Learning Communities. These are designed to develop a variety of soft skills in our students, improve results and support our unique co-teaching model. You can find out more about our innovative Learning Communities here.

As with everywhere on campus, our classrooms and Learning Communities are fitted with air filters to maintain safe AQI levels.

YCIS auditorium

Auditorium and Music Rooms

At YCIS Beijing our students will lay a firm foundation for music and will display their performing arts talents in the purpose-built auditorium. Our music rooms provide the perfect practice space.

Computer lab with round tables

Computer Labs

YCIS Beijing has four well-equipped computer rooms for ECE, Primary and Secondary sections. Computers are also available in the Primary and Secondary libraries.

Primary library of YCIS Beijing


The large Primary and Secondary libraries boast the largest bilingual collection of books of all international schools in Beijing, and special schemes and events will be held to develop a lifelong love of reading in our students.

Gym of YCIS Beijing

Sports Facilities

The success of YCIS Beijing sports teams is attributed to our range of sporting facilities. The air-conditioned gym provides a year-round facility for a range of sports. There are football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts in outdoor areas, and a school playground; we even have a mini golf course on the roof! Every inch of the campus is used to its full potential.

Visual Arts Classroom of YCIS Beijing

Art Studios

YCIS Beijing offers individual art studios for primary and secondary visual arts courses. Each studio hosts a variety of materials and space needed for students to grow as artists and creative thinkers.

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