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    YCIS-BJ Young Musicians Make it to the Finals


    17 Apr, 2020

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    • In the past months, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 many school events, concerts and festival have been cancelled and performance opportunities taken away from students. This pandemic has urged educators to become more inventive with both time and our resources, to still provide students with a chance to show their talents. And it was with this purpose that all Yew Chung and Yew Wah Music Departments came up with the idea of holding the very first online YCIS YWIES Young Musicians Music Competition this semester.

      Students “didn’t have many chances in the foreseeable future to get up on a stage and shine. This online competition was created specifically to allow our amazing students to show their talent in another way and motivate them to take out the violin, sit down at the piano, pick up the guitar, and work toward a goal.”, said Erin Luce, Head of Arts.

      All students from our YCIS and YWIES network of schools were eligible to submit their entries beginning March 13th. The auditioning process involves students who are 6 years and older with approximately ABRSM Grade 3 competency. “Entry was very easy because this competition was designed to encourage music-making while in isolation at home”,  stated Miss Luce.

      Now in its final stage, judges are looking for a many qualities in the participants including a deep sense of expression and all-around musicianship. Amongst them, there is selection of talented YCIS Beijing students who are moving to the final round of the competition. They shared with us what the process has been so far for them and how they feel about being in the semi-finals.

      Coco Hong – Year 9“I didn't plan to participate at first because there was no guitar option in the PDF. Then the teacher told me that there was, in fact, a guitar option in the competition. So, I finally joined” she said.

      Coco who has been playing the guitar for over a year now chose “Time Travel”, a cover by Japanese artist, 岸部真明 because she loves the song and prefers the technique used to play it.

      Melody Su – Year 11“When Ms. Luce told me this piano competition, I was very interested, because I take part in some piano competitions in my spare time, and I just had a piece that was ready to perform, so I signed up.”

      Although Melody has been playing the piano for almost 10 years. She is still nervous about this competition. “I have been practising a new piece for the competition, and I only have about one month.” However, she is optimistic and is hoping for the best results.

      Chan Hok Sum – Year 6For his audition Sum sang “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton while playing on an acoustic guitar. He likes this song because he thinks this is one of the greatest acoustic guitar songs and he has always dreamed of playing it.

      Regarding his entry to the final stage, Sum said "I am very excited and astonished. I never even thought I would get in the final.”

      Patrick Liu – Year 8For the clarinet player who also studies at Tianjin Juilliard Pre-college, this was an opportunity for him to connect with other musicians in YCYW.

      His audition piece was Concertino for Clarinet in E-flat major, Op. 26, J. 109 from Carl Maria von Weber, and he chose it because of its impassioned mood. “This piece sounds like two people are speaking to each other. Sometimes they are happy, sometimes they are angry with each other, and sometimes speaking gently and sweet. I practised that piece a lot at that time, so I pick up this piece of my audition.”

      Polly Su – Year 8Polly who has been playing the piano for 8 years says her motivation for entering the competition was to challenge herself and try something new.

      The final round for the competition is May 8th and “we will likely hear the final results a couple of weeks after that.” says Miss Luce.

      Good luck to all our students, we look forward to seeing all your final performances and winners being announced!