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    Our Hearts are With Wuhan and China


    28 Feb, 2020

    10 : 00

    • At the Yew Chung International School of Beijing fostering compassionate leaders with a servant’s heart, not only applies to our students, but it extends to our community as a whole through various acts of kindness. In the past weeks, we have seen this materialize through Year 4 Learning Community Chinese team leader, Shiny Zhang, who is playing her part in helping residents of Wuhan amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

      Many doctors, nurses, and volunteers have dedicated their time and efforts towards fighting the virus, and with their assistance, we have seen people make full recoveries and get reunited with their families. These frontline workers have also been faced with challenges such as a shortage of protective gear and hygiene products while working, which is what inspired Miss Zhang to advocate for those affected by the outbreak.

      “I wanted more voices to be heard, especially of those minorities in Wuhan. I learned from watching and reading the news that many women doctors and nurses needed hygiene products because they cannot change their protective gear. Therefore, I wanted to make a contribution by donating and encourage other people to do the same.”

      A cash donation was made by Miss Zhang, but she told us that there are various ways we all can support Wuhan other than through cash donations.

      “First and foremost, be proactive and keep your messages positive about Wuhan during this time. Another way is to show your love and support to the Wuhan community and become a hotline volunteer offering empathy, support, encouragement just by listening to their feelings and thoughts. You can also donate our spare masks or necessities.”

      Her final request was to talk to the young children, teach them and one another not to discriminate against the people of Wuhan.

      Some Year 1B students took her up on that challenge and decided they also wanted to share their messages of encouragement for the people of Wuhan. Two artworks were selected from that class created by Kim Chieng and Noemi Vaccaro. 

      We also talked to Kim and Noemi’s parents. They explained why they encouraged their children to take part in this activity. It was a good opportunity to teach Naomi that she is a part of a big and global community and all of us are linked, and if we take care of others, others will take care of us.”  Noemi’s mom stated.

      Kim’s mom added, “It is important for Kim to understand that every life is precious and hence the sacrifices those medical personnel are making to save lives deserve our utmost respect.”

      The fight against the virus is ongoing and for the men and women in the front lines, these are the messages of encouragement from our Year 1B students:

      From Ms. Zhang: “山川异域,风月同天” which in English can be translated as “Although we are in different places, our hearts are bond.  

      From Noemi’s Family: “Stay safe, don't be afraid, the world is with you all!”

      From Kim’s family: “To the residence of Wuhan and the whole of China, stay strong. The whole world is supporting and praying for you.”