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    A Warm Welcome to All New Families


    10 Jan, 2020

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    • Tuesday, January 7th was our first day of school after a reviving winter break and the Yew Chung International School of Beijing welcomed almost 30 families from Hong Kong, Japan, the US, Greece, Pakistan and the United Kingdom to name a few; and all are a welcome addition to our mounting international community.

      Orientation DayThe first day of school preceded Orientation Day on January 6th, a day dedicated to officially welcoming students by our Senior Leadership Team (SLT), presentations from our School Office on the daily operations of our campus and handing out of welcome packs to families, in order to ensure the smooth adjustment into the YCIS Beijing school life.

      The presentations on Monday also included talks from our Community Liaison Officer, the University Guidance and Alumni Officer.

      First DayWith students now familiar with our campus and having met their teachers, the first day was time for our new intakes to hit the ground running and meet their classmates, subsequently making friends.

      YCIS Beijing EventsVarious activities are planned for the semester, which will aid in further immersing new families in our community.

      The beginning of the second semester is the time we celebrate Chinese New Year, an essential event where we embrace the multicultural and multilingual nature of our school. In addition that we will host various parent workshops, the Seeds of Hope Concert and the annual Global Community Day to name a few.

      Welcome Message from our Senior Leadership TeamWe are delighted to have you join our YCIS-Beijing community - one of the oldest international schools in Beijing in a unique location by a park in the city.

      We are a school big enough to have great facilities and resources but small enough for our well-trained faculty to know how your child learns.

      For whatever length of time they are with us, we would hope that when your child leaves YCIS-Beijing they would do so having enjoyed learning and that that enjoyment had encouraged them to become life-long learners; we hope they have learned to value others, however different; we hope that they feel ‘special’ from being educated in an international context and to feel a sense of having succeeded to the very best of their abilities.

      We have great hopes for the fulfilment of this vision as we have an excellent faculty who are committed to making the students' education a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

      But YCIS Beijing, like any school, cannot work by itself. We rely on the whole school community so we hope that you, too will be involved through our Parent Organisation while your child is with us. Welcome!

      According to our Deputy Head of Admissions, Sara Wramner in addition to the number we currently have “We expect more families to come in the next couple of weeks.”, which we look forward to welcoming. 

      For now, the warmest welcome to new families. We hope you have a splendid time here at YCIS Beijing!