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    Tailoring our IGCSE Programme for Success


    23 Aug, 2019

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    • This summer we received our IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) results and are proud of how well the Yew Chung International School of Beijing class of 2019 performed again this year. The outstanding performance is reflective of the firm foundation set for students who are part of our world renowned International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Programme.

      This year, our students continued to perform impressively with over 90% of them receiving the level of merit or distinction for the International Certificate of Education (ICE), a positive attribute, with a number of students having been assessed for English and Chinese as their first languages. These are results we take pride in at YCIS Beijing as it echoes our prioritization of bilingual learning.

      The IGCSE Programme which is offered in over 140 countries for students between the ages of 14–16 is designed to prepare students for university, employment, and life; it also provides a valuable international benchmark for student performance.

      One of the reasons we have chosen to offer IGCSE according to Michael Warner, High School Learning Community Coordinator is “in addition to carrying the Cambridge academic tradition, it also allows our students to transition smoothly to wherever they go next.” Due to its internationally recognized status, some of our students have been able to go to schools outside of China and continued to thrive.

      Speaking to why the YCIS Beijing Programme stands out, Mr. Warner stated that “It is the rigorous nature of the programme, which provides students with necessary academic skills. All our students are also a part of a class called Global Perspectives, where they learn about different countries and cultures” he continued “ here students choose a current topic and do a research project based on it” aptly fitting to our ethos of international mindedness.

      Our programme also accepts students from different levels in subjects such as English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science. We believe in creating environments that nurture students’ success based on their capabilities. Which is why we provide a personalized approach to teaching, using programmes like the Intensive English Programme (IEP).

      Emily Xue is an example of a student who has optimised and benefitted from our IEP, particularly since she is one of our best performers at IGCSE level overall for 2018/2019. When she first came to our School at Year 9 she joined our IEP which resulted in her doing first language English three years later. This is telling of how our smaller and individualized learning and Booster Clubs where students can seek help from teachers and Heads of Departments with homework and other tasks they might find challenging can benefit students.

      With the beginning of the new academic year, Mr. Warner had a few words for our new cohort of IGCSE student “Make your subject choices carefully, first based on interests and then on capabilities. Also remember to maintain balance.”

      So if you enjoy playing a musical instrument or a sport keep doing that!