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    The Summer Revamp: An Update From Our Business Manager


    09 Aug, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Providing learning environments that allow students to thrive is an integral part of any educational institution. As a result, while our students and teaching staff were enjoying a much deserved summer break, Fanny Du, the School Business Manager at Yew Chung International School of Beijing under the guidance of the Headquarter Engineering Committee, worked tirelessly with the contractors to ensure that all summer renovation projects ran smoothly to be completed on August 10th, ahead of our new academic year.

      After over six months of planning, the team has undertaken more than 10 specific projects for renovations, with several areas receiving redecorations. Take for example the upgrade of Playground B, our Secondary School Library and the transformation of the old café into a beautiful lounge area for both parents and students. However, the main contenders for an upgrade that will stand out the most for both students and parents is expected to be the revamped Playground A and the Year 1 play area.

      Earlier this month we had a chance to talk with Fanny about these projects. She shared some of the highlights and challenges faced during this process, and how our students stand to benefit from these new amenities.

      What renovations are you most excited to show parents?I think it's the Playground A upgrade and the renovation of the Y1 Learning Community.

      How will these renovations positively impact our students’ experienced on campus?The improvement of the playgrounds will improve the overall environment of the campus while ensuring that students can carry out various outdoor activities on more suitable and safer grounds.

      What renovations will positively impact our parents’ experience on campus?Renovations of Y1 Learning Community has revolutionized the old classrooms, and I am confident it will meet our parents’ expectations.

      Can you share some of the highlights?This summer's outdoor playground upgrade was the focus of all our projects, and it is hoped that it will become a highlight of the campus facility upgrade after completion, so that our students can get a better experience in their daily learning activities.

      Can you tell us about the quality of products used?From the early stages of setting plans, renderings, opening bids to the start of all works and related supervision, we have strictly implemented and operated in accordance with regulations, to ensure quality, timing and effectiveness.

      For the playground upgrade, we hired a professional construction unit and all materials are imported products. For example, we used German brand REGUPOL’s plastic materials to build the runway which is certified by the IAAF while the artificial lawn in the center is using Thiolon products, a Dutch brand.

      Share a challenge and how you overcame it.The main difficulties were the limited time and the impact of the summer rains. Despite these challenges, strict supervision and the emergency plan in place will help finish the work on time.

      Discuss air quality for renovated indoor areas to reassure parents.First of all, the vendors are selected using a very strict process. Secondly, all the materials used for the renovations were also reviewed by the HQ engineering committee and the samples were sealed to keep. Third, we required the indoor decoration company to conduct professional air quality control and testing in all construction areas before acceptance and will share the test reports with the community. Additional measures to help ensure indoor air quality, such as all-day window ventilation, have also begun.

      We would like to express a big thank you to everyone who was involved in making this project possible, especially the workers who persistently worked despite the scotching summer heat. We look forward to welcoming our students and parents to our renovated facilities.