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    Masters of Learning: The K4 Graduation Ceremony


    29 Jun, 2018

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    • Graduation ceremonies at Yew Chung International School of Beijing are an important part of school life. When our students reach the end of key stages at school (ECE, Primary and Year 13), we hold graduation ceremonies to commend their hard work, celebrate their achievements and wish them well for the next stage.

      Last week we held a graduation ceremony for K4, in recognition of the achievements and learning of our eldest ECE year before they move into the Primary school. Families and teachers gathered in the auditorium for the presentation of certificates and a delightful display of music and performance.

      The ceremony opened with a powerful drumming piece. Students were able to show off their understanding of rhythm and percussion, and captured the attention of the audience as their drumming rumbled through the auditorium. The performance went on to take a bilingual turn, with songs performed confidently in both Chinese and English – testifying to the efficacy of the ECE Learning Community’s bilingual environment.

      One Chinese song spoke of the importance of appreciating teachers and parents, while a particular highlight of the performance was the rendition of Grease the Musical’s “Summer Lovin’”, to the lyrics “Kindergarten happened so fast!”

      Co-Principals Ms Christine Xu and Mr Noel Thomas gave a thought-provoking speech in which they asked parents to cast their minds back to the moment they first held their new born children. “How they have grown”, Mr Thomas remarked, “and become masters of their own growth and independent learning”.

      This philosophy lies at the heart of the Yew Chung model, in which children are seen as independent, capable individuals who learn actively through exploration. Every year, the learning of our ECE children attests to this philosophy. The Learning Community provides a space in which children can learn, and learning is facilitated through the bilingual support of teachers, but it is the children themselves who master their development.

      “I always look forward to graduation”, remarked Mrs Maryanne Harper, ECE Coordinator. “It’s a very cheerful event all about recognising our children’s remarkable growth and accomplishments. I am confident that our K4s will continue to achieve extraordinary things as they move into Primary, and I wish them the very best of luck for the next stage.”

      The ceremony concluded with a party in the Year 1 foyer. Students gathered to see the cutting of the graduation cake, and enjoyed food and drink with parents and teachers – before returning to the ECE Learning Community to continue their explorations!