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    Student Blog: 10 Years at YCIS Beijing

    Student Blog

    24 Jun, 2016

    10 : 00

    • In this graduation series of Student Blogs, we chat to class of 2016 student Gabriel Tan, about his 10 years studying here at Yew Chung International School of Beijing.

      My name is Gabriel Tan. I have studied at YCIS Beijing since the year 2006 (my year 4). This is my 10th year studying at YCIS Beijing, so I have really seen the school change every year, which was quite interesting to watch. It is pretty cool that I have studied in one school for so long, completing both Primary school and Secondary school.

      How are you feeling now as you are graduating from High School?

      It all seems quite amazing when I consider that I am going to graduate from high school. It all went by so fast, especially from Year 11 to Year 13; I can’t believe I am going to graduate so soon.

      Which university are you going to and what will you study there?

      I do not have any specific universities in mind currently, though I do plan to study within Asia or maybe the U.K. I have two years to decide, as I will be in the army in Singapore for two years before attending university. I plan to major in Industrial Design because I am interested in studying product design. Unfortunately, I don’t really have much of a plan for this year’s summer as I am already going to serve the army so soon.

      What is your best memory of your time at YCIS Beijing?

      Doing IGCSE D.T (Design and Technology) in Year 11 was one of my best memories here, because in year 11 the D.T classes were really fun. Although it was tough and stressful, at that time I was really into design. What I enjoyed most was building a design portfolio. It was actually because of that that I began to have a somewhat solid idea of what I want to do in the future.

      How was your experience with the IB Diploma Programme?

      I honestly found it tough. I took HL Chemistry, Economics, Chinese B, SL Math, Physics, and Language and Literature. While I could manage to cope with the subjects, you have to write quite a few essays. Without good time management, you can expect to stay up late to meet deadlines. There were areas I didn’t like about IB, but I think it’s best for people to experience it for themselves as they may think otherwise.

      What was your key for enjoying High School Life?

      Even though there was quite a large amount of work, my friends and I were able to hang out once in a while on Friday nights. Finding a hobby to enjoy myself during times when I was alone was also really useful.

      What advice do you have for the fellow students entering High School for the first time?

      It may sound cliché, but time management is the main key here. What you also need is the willingness to do better if you really want to do better. This in combination with a good time management will give you the potential to do well. What you want to do is up to you, but I say it is incredibly important to get your priorities straight.

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