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    Student Blog: Graduation Reflections

    Student Blog

    08 Jul, 2016

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    • In today’s Student Blog: Graduation Edition, Tiffany Choi shares how YCIS Beijing broadened her perspectives and influenced her decision to pursue a career in design.

      My Name is Tiffany Choi, I have been studying in Yew Chung for 5 years. YCIS Beijing provided me with a lot of great and new experiences that I have never had before. I feel that these experiences have made me really grow as person.

      How would you describe your time at YCIS Beijing?

      Attending YCIS Beijing has given me a big advantage. Without studying in an international school, I would not have had the opportunity to meet so many great people from different countries and I definitely would not have been able to communicate with them. Thankfully, YCIS Beijing has given me that opportunity. I am sure that having the ability to communicate with people with different culture will help me in my future career. I always wanted to major in design, but I did not had a lot of opportunities to design things. However, YCIS helped me participate in designing musical backstage and I am really proud that I have learned designing before going to university and have gained new skill.

      How are you feeling now as you are graduating from High School?

      I am feeling three emotions at the same time. I am quite sad about the fact that I will be leaving China, YCIS, and my friends. But then, I am excited about the fact that I am finally graduating and will attend university very soon. I am also worried about the changes that I will be facing in the future.

      How was your experience with the IB Diploma Programme?

      For IB, I chose English A language and literature, Chinese B, Visual Arts, Math, Biology, and Business Management. What I like about the IB programme is that students are able to choose the subjects which they want to focus more on. For example, I majored in art, as I wanted to study art in more depth. With IB, higher level selection allowed me to focus more on art and by choosing standard level subjects for other subjects, I was able to focus less on them. By doing this, I was able to manage my time more efficiently, and learn what is important for me.

      What is your plan for the summer?

      During the summer, I am going to enjoy the freedom that I have. I am planning to travel with my friends and family, and I am also planning to go back to Korea and visit my grandparents. Then I will be applying to universities in Korea and will study design

      What advice do you have for the fellow students at school?

      I think perseverance is important. Without perseverance, I don’t think students will succeed easily. By not giving up and continuing to keep trying students can succeed because later, when you face same problems, you will be able to find an easier way to solve the problem and you will also gain a lot from perseverance. While studying, I also participated in a lot of activities both in and out of school. Participating in activities allowed me to have hobbies and release stress that I have gained from studying. By doing this, I was able to enjoy my high school life. Everyone has different learning style so do not follow what others say but find your own way of studying. Good luck!

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