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    Gillian Wong - A global citizen who believes in hard work and holistic learning


    18 Feb, 2022

    17 : 36

    • In this month’s ‘Meet YCIS’ series we spotlight Ms Wong, Head of English and Lower Secondary Coordinator for Years 7-8.

      Originally from Liverpool, England, Ms Wong has been living and teaching in Beijing for seven years. She graduated with a BA (Honors) Combined Degree in Human Communication / Communication Disorders and Theology from the University of Manchester. Before joining YCIS Beijing, she gained teaching experiences in her home country, the Philippines, and Egypt.

      After graduating, Ms Wong took a gap year in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia where she worked as a volunteer worker on a school campus. The vivid work environment around teachers, dorm parents, and young adults, inspired her to pursue a teacher’s career. Ms. Wong went on to complete her PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education) the following year.

      When Ms Wong joined YCIS Beijing in 2014, she started out teaching Character Education and transferred to teaching English one year later. This school year, she is teaching Year 7 and Year 9 English Language and Literature. Ms Wong keeps her lessons varied and active to motivate her students in developing their creativity and enthusiasm. In her comprehensive teaching approach, Ms Wong also embeds project-based learning to have students develop their collaboration skills and allow them their own voice to showcase their knowledge.

      As an English teacher, Ms Wong also encourages her students to grab a good book, as the benefits of reading span far beyond the academics. She stresses that reading supports academic learning through building up vocabulary and writing skills as well as develops students’ imagination and creativity. It also nurtures the reader’s emotional development by providing a way to relax and mitigate stress.

      Ms Wong’s favourite genre is action and adventure, such as the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’ series. Apart from reading, Ms Wong likes to play sports and exercise. She likes sightseeing, hiking, and biking around the city. She enjoys eating and spending time with friends, whilst having the opportunity of living and learning about a new culture, a different way of life, meeting diverse people, and having new food experiences.

      When Ms Wong is being asked why she chose to teach at our international school, she takes on a karmic feel: “I feel like YCIS may have chosen me. It felt like the right step to take when the job presented itself. I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to work with students who care about their own learning, are hard-working and want to fulfill their potential.”