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    YCIS's Exquisite Artwork Displayed at the Carrousel du Louvre


    24 Jan, 2024

    09 : 23

    •           “All of Chloe’s artistic interests have flourished thanks to the nurturing environment provided by her family and YCIS. Therefore, I sincerely thank the school for fostering an artistic community for our children.” -Jovanna Chang, Chloe's mother


      In this month’s students’ series, we are delighted to spotlight Year 6 student Chloe Li. Chloe is a highly motivated and accomplished student who excels academically with contagious enthusiasm. Chloe’s deeply rooted passion for art and music seems to be the driving force behind her dedication to excellence.


      We are thrilled to announce that Chloe won a Gold Award for her artwork 'Utopia' at the International Art Games - the Cup of Little Maupassant (China) in 2022. A year later, Chloe received an invitation letter informing her that her work had been selected for an exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in association with WFUCA (World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations) and ADEFC (Association pour le Développement des Échanges France-Chine). The exhibition was part of the ‘Les Jeux Artistiques‘ event and brought together young artists from over 20 countries worldwide. The exhibition took place on July 15 and 16 and was graced with the presence of renowned representatives from the art and culture world.


      Chloe, Y6 Student

      • The Cup of Little Maupassant Gold Award winner
      • UKMT Gold and Silver Award winner
      • PMC Silver Award winner
      • YCIS BJ Academic Excellence Award winner
      • YCIS BJ Primary textbook cover designer 
      • Member of the YCIS Beijing Student Council 
      • Member of YCIS Beijing choir and orchestra
      • ‘Blending the Divergence of East and West’ drawing contest top 5 winner
      • Guinness Book of Record title for 'The most people in an online violin-playing video relay', achiever 
      • Member of the dance cast in the school musical 2023 -‘The Wizard of Oz‘ 
      • ‘Literary Enthusiast’ 
      • 2021 Violin Central Conservatory of Music Competition Beijing 1st Prize, National 3rd Prize 






      We had the pleasure of interviewing Chloe and her mother, Ms Jovanna Chang, to learn more about Chloe and her award-winning work and why Chloe's mastery of skills is not limited to the fine arts but also serves as a source of inspiration that connects and fuels all academic and non-academic fields.


      What inspired you to create this beautiful painting? What is the meaning behind it?


                “This painting depicts a forest that I imagined, a world that I would love to see. In this forest, small animals roam around leisurely amidst clear streams and fresh air. My home is a small hut by the river, where every morning I wake up to the sounds of the animals. In this paradise, the animals are not afraid of humans, and some may even interact with us. Here, humans and nature coexist harmoniously. I love animals and hope for a better environment. I named this piece ‘Utopia‘. "


      What have you learned in class that has been projected in your painting?


                "In school, we learned about the significance of sustainability and preserving the environment. I hope we can work together to create a cleaner and less polluted environment in the future."


      Jovanna, Chloe’s mother


      How did you perceive the school’s approach towards cultivating Chloe’s creativity, interests and talent in art?


                “I believe that the diverse art programme offered by the school is crucial in nurturing children's artistic creativity, interests and talents. The school's art programme includes different areas such as drawing, painting, music, and drama. This is an excellent way to stimulate children's interest in various forms of art, which is a comprehensive artistic development that YCIS provides. I can also sense from my children's sharing at home that the school's art teachers encourage their students to express themselves freely rather than just pursuing precision in their drawing skills."


                “YCIS allows children to feel free and respected in their artistic explorations. For example, the students’ artwork is displayed throughout the school so that each student can feel respected and proud, and also learns how to appreciate the creations of others. Overall, I feel that an environment that encourages creativity and artistic expression is very essential to Chloe and her personal growth.”


      How did you cultivate Chloe’s creativity, interests and talent in art at home?


                "As parents, our role is to provide support and companionship to our daughter Chloe. We take her to various art exhibitions and encourage her to try different art activities, allowing her to explore what she likes and what she is good at. We respect her ideas and provide her with all the necessary materials to create. We strive to create a supportive environment where she can explore freely and be happy. When Chloe is drawing, she invests herself fully and strives for perfection. She takes her time choosing the right colours and has her own unique way of mixing and stacking them. We never intervene in her creative process, as we believe that art is subjective and every child is a natural-born artist. Whether it's drawing, painting, or any other creative endeavour, we support Chloe unconditionally and encourage her to express herself freely."


              “Chloe's favourite hobby is reading, and her dad and I believe it's the foundation of her creativity and imagination. When she was growing up, there was no TV in the house. During the parent-teacher interviews, her homeroom teacher gave me the impression that she would eat at school with a book in her hands. To support her love for reading, the librarian also helps her go to the Secondary library and make books available for her in the Primary library. Reading is the best way for her to exercise her concentration and imagination since she becomes oblivious to the world around her. Chloe also loves to write and has been writing English stories since she was six years old.”


      We are confident that Chloe will continue to make a positive impact in whatever she chooses to pursue. We are proud to share her story with others and encourage everyone to draw inspiration from her remarkable success. Chloe's outstanding achievement in the field of art fills us with great delight, and we are honoured to have her as a valuable member of our vibrant school community. Chloe's story is a shining example of how our school's mission to align with Culture & Arts is not only crucial for promoting the arts but also for cultivating essential skills that students can use across all other academic disciplines, including creative problem-solving and the mastery of analytical thinking. Chloe's exceptional abilities go beyond just the realm of fine arts, serving as a boundless source of inspiration that drives progress in all academic and non-academic domains. When we asked Chloe what she thinks led to her winning the award, she told us that she believes that the judges could see how her painting motivates people. We definitely agree with that sentiment!