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    YCIS Student Qualifies for WMC Finals


    04 Mar, 2024

    14 : 17

    • We are thrilled to announce that Chan Hok Sum, a Year 10 student, has achieved remarkable success by winning two bronze medals at the Senior Regional Qualifier content in the World Mathematics Championships (WMC). Sum's exceptional skills in the Communication and Content Knowledge categories have not only placed him among the top overall achievers but also secured him a coveted Golden Ticket to the WMC Senior Finals which is a week-long mathematics competition scheduled to take place at Queen Mary University of London at the end of June 2024. Congratulations, Sum, on your outstanding achievement!


      Alongside seven of his peers from YCIS Beijing, Sum participated in an extensive three-day Maths competition at YCIS Pudong. This event, which took place from February 2nd to 4th, drew more than 56 students from six different international schools. The competition was designed with a variety of rounds that tested the participants through individual challenges, team collaborations, quiet problem-solving sessions, physical activities, and mixed team project competitions, among others.


      Our Secondary Mathematics teacher, Ms. Icy Xue, expressed excitement from both students and teachers about participating in the Regional Qualifier Round of this prestigious international mathematics competition. She highlighted the immense value of Maths competitions, noting how they expand students' mathematical perspectives and deepen their appreciation for the captivating essence of mathematics in its various forms. Moreover, Ms. Xue emphasized that such competitions nurture teamwork and collaboration among students and provide a unique opportunity to engage with peers from diverse cultural and background experiences.


      Ms Xue added that she is exceptionally proud of her student, Chan Hok Sum, who is currently studying in the IGCSE program. The WMC Senior Round is designed for Years 11 to 13 and is highly challenging. To be successful, students are typically required to have a background in IB HL (Higher Level) or further mathematics content.


      We are now eager to hear from our Mathematical Champion, Chan Hok Sum!


      What sparked your interest in joining the WMC competition?

                “I felt exhilarated and eager to participate in the competition. I discovered that the competition was designed to challenge us with questions that went beyond our current syllabus. It encouraged me to study mathematics more deeply. I was lucky enough to be invited by our IGCSE Coordinator, Mr Ondere, to join the YCIS Beijing mathematics team, and I leapt at the opportunity. The competition was more challenging because it also focused on creativity and collaboration. I was excited and curious to experience the deeper aspects of mathematics.”


      Do you have any tips for your peers about learning mathematics?

                “Learning mathematics can be challenging, and having a solid grasp of basic concepts is crucial to succeed. I remember my Primary Maths teacher emphasising the importance of this, and I only recently realised how true it is. To solve complex algebraic problems, one must first master the fundamental principles and techniques that lead to a solution.”


      How did the school support you in learning Mathematics?

                “I am incredibly grateful to our IGCSE coordinator, Mr Robert Ondere and Math teacher Ms Icy Xue, for the tremendous support they provided us. They went above and beyond by providing us with valuable information and arranging after-school sessions to teach us topics beyond our curriculum. Our Mathematics Team would also like to express our gratitude to our Co-Principals, Ms Shelley Swift and Ms Jessica Sun, for providing us with such a fun, memorable, and educational experience.”



      Are there any Maths projects you wish to explore?

                “I am excited to participate in the upcoming UK finals! The event will last longer and feature even more challenges than the regional qualifier in Shanghai. Although there is still much to learn, I hope my mathematics skills will improve by June, and I can fully immerse myself in this challenging experience.”


      We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Chan Hok Sum and wish him all the best in the WMC Senior Finals in London. We trust that diligence and perseverance in his preparations will bring Sum numerous lightbulb moments of mathematical success and propel him towards more outstanding achievements.