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    YCIS Beijing Receives Tencent Award


    02 Dec, 2023

    19 : 08

    • We are proud to inform our community that YCIS Beijing received the “2023 Tencent International School Comprehensive Strength Benchmark Award” at the Tencent News International School Development Forum earlier this month. This is the second award that our school has received this academic year, after winning the “2023 Forbes China Outstanding International Schools Award” in September. These honours are recognition of YCIS Beijing’s continued leadership in international education, and its promotion of academic excellence and the cultivation of  well-rounded future leaders.


      Ms Jessica Sun, the Chinese Co-Principal, accepted the award on behalf of the school. At the panel discussion on “Thoughts of International Schools about Student Development” after the award ceremony, Ms Sun, in her capacity as an experienced educator and school leader, shared her unique and valuable insights about the skills required of the new generation of students. She also explained how YCIS Beijing has incorporated these qualities into its curriculum.


      Tencent News: What qualities do students need to meet current demands for talent?


                Our fast-paced society requires intellectual skills such as critical thinking, analysis, an interdisciplinary approach, creativity, and the ability to apply knowledge. With the rapid advancement of AI technology, students must hone their ability to ask good questions and comprehend contextual situations. Students must also continuously learn and adapt to keep pace with the rapid development of knowledge and technology.


      In addition, character education is more important than ever. To prepare students for a  future filled with change and uncertainty, we need to cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a mindset of lifelong learning in our students, and raise them to be responsible and accountable global citizens. The Yew Chung Yew Wah (YCYW) Learner Portrait outlines the character traits that our future talents should have. The students we nurture are thinkers, communicators, inquirers, builders of knowledge, and flexible cross-cultural practitioners.


      Tencent News: What special characteristics does YCIS Beijing have for fostering the growth and development of students?


                The Learning Community at YCIS Beijing is an innovative approach to education that breaks down the traditional barriers between classrooms and lessons. The flexibility of space brings about changes in learning and pedagogy. Rather than merely transmitting knowledge, teachers support learning activities, provide resources, and consult with students about problems. The Learning Community Model emphasises collaborative learning, in which students develop problem-solving and communication skills while collaborating with others.


      This transformative way of learning is interconnected with our mission to align with Science and Technology; Culture and Arts; and Love and Charity.


      To promote learning in Science and Technology, the YCYW EdFutures Division offers personalised, project-based learning opportunities to students, allowing them directly to experience high-tech research and exploration. Areas of our focus include underwater robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality design. Our Science and Innovation Lecture Programme provides excellent opportunities for students at all our campuses to attend lectures by leading scientists from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong SAR. These lectures expose students to cutting-edge technologies and knowledge. We have already hosted lectures on astrophysics, quantum information technology, and paleontological exploration. In addition, we offer various math and science competitions on campus to allow students to demonstrate their subject knowledge and skills.



      Nurturing a passion for Culture and Arts is an integral part of the YCIS Beijing Curriculum. In addition to our extensive violin programme, our team of talented teachers offers instruction in a range of musical instruments and provides opportunities to develop a passion for music within our school classes, and through our well-developed In-School Individual Instrumental Programme (IIIP).  Our  Art Department is engaged in numerous projects throughout the year, including an upcoming community art project involving local artists.  Our Performing Arts Department is currently preparing for a variety of Christmas performances across our schools, and our talented students are rehearsing for the annual production of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Our secondary students recently impressed the audience in a student-led talent show that showcased the broad range of artistic talents within our schools.  We are proud of the range of artistic talent that our students demonstrate.  We are looking forward to the International School Theatre Association (ISTA) workshops in Hong Kong in January, wherein our students will have the opportunity to connect to our YCYW network of students for collaborative drama activities; and the upcoming Seeds of Hope Concert in Shanghai, wherein our music enthusiasts will offer a professional-level concert. 


      Love and Charity remain at the core of our educational philosophy; our school life and curriculum reflect these values. Our Student Leadership Programme and IB CAS Programme enable our students to develop perspectives to become responsible global citizens. Projects showcased at the recent “Community Impact” event demonstrate the spirit of community service in our educational programmes.  We also take pride in our student-led charity organization, “We Echo”, which supports children with hearing disabilities and their families.


      We are delighted to have won the "2023 Tencent International School Comprehensive Strength Benchmark Award", which affirms our achievements in providing excellent international education and promoting the academic, social, and emotional development of our students. YCIS Beijing is committed to nurturing future-oriented global citizens with outstanding character and academic abilities. This is our core mission. The award will continue to inspire us to strive tirelessly for  education, and to fulfil our mission.