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    World Scholar’s Cup


    01 Aug, 2023

    08 : 59

    • Regional Champions Going Global: World Scholar’s Cup

      We are excited to share that Primary students Alvin Xu, Alfred Yat Nam Lo, and Ain Ryu (Year 5) have made impressive accomplishments while participating in the World Scholar's Cup. As a result, they have qualified to advance to the Global Round.


      The World Scholar's Cup (WSC) is a worldwide academic programme for teams, which attracts over 15,000 students from more than 65 countries annually. Recently, the Beijing regional round hosted 500 scholars from 60 different schools. Alvin, Alfred, and Ain were among the participants who achieved impressive results, earning a total of twelve gold and four silver awards across a range of subjects such as Social Studies, Science, Writing, Debate, and Art.


      As the YCIS Beijing team moves forward to the WSC Global Round, we wish them success and hope that they will make great connections and memories with scholars from all over the world.


      World Scholar's Cup Champion Team:

    • Alvin Xu

    • Alfred Yat Nam Lo

    • Ain Ryu