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    Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Workshop


    31 May, 2024

    15 : 29

    • YCIS Beijing is committed to delivering holistic education, where we aim to unlock every student’s potential. In today’s rapidly changing world, we recognize the importance of giving our children the resources and support they need to thrive. 


      Recently, we conducted a parent workshop that delved into how nurturing our children’s interests can lead to the discovery of their passions and ignite their true and innate potential. This workshop was led by two esteemed educators: Mr John Yi Liu, Head of Pastoral Care for YCYW and Mr Abdul Oladipo, YCIS Beijing Careers University Guidance Officer.


      We know it is transformative for our children to explore their passions from early stage to university, and beyond. Therefore, our CUGO Mr Abdul Oladipo provided in-depth insight into the college application process and how we can prepare for this experience. Our parents left this workshop feeling empowered with knowledge, insights and strategies to help unlock their child’s full potential.


      Diving into the workshop, participants had the chance to understand further how programmes like EdFutures provide students with the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience, do research, and take learning outside of the classroom. So many exciting opportunities await our students as we align our mission to foster our children’s interests in science and technology, enabling them to learn beyond the boundaries of time, space, and geography. EdFutures is an example of participation in cutting-edge technological explorations, providing further development of our children’s skill sets and knowledge to guide them on the path of discovery and prepare for a better future.


      Leadership is transformative in character development and YCIS is excited to offer a student leadership certificate programme, focusing on empowering current and aspiring student leaders, developing leadership strategies, and engage in action projects. This programme culminates in participants earning a YCYW Leadership Certificate. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these future leaders.


      Through the myriad of learning opportunities and super-curricular activities available at YCIS, along with the support from parents, we are confident that our students can unlock their potential through mastery of tasks and overcoming challenges. 


      Parents felt the impact of the workshop stating “this information is very useful for us parents, and it’s true that each school has a different focus on our child’s strengths. It also made us realize that children need to participate in activities in order to meet the requirements of target universities. We also appreciate the introduction of several public welfare projects that YCIS is carrying out at this stage, and the work of the school’s future curriculum department. I also want our children to care about vulnerable groups and hope the school can organize more participation in such projects.”


      Another parent stated, “the whole seminar was clear and informative, and we appreciate the introduction of new programmes.”


      The success of the workshop is drawn from Mr John Yi Liu and Mr Abdul Oladipo’s combined expertise in nurturing student growth and fostering an environment of exploration. We appreciate their professional contribution.