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    Exploring the Literary World


    02 Apr, 2024

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    • The Transformative Power of Reading - Exploring the Literary World


                "Storytelling is the oldest form of education." - Terry Tempest Williams


      At YCIS Beijing, we take pride in our innovative teaching methods and advanced technology in the learning spaces. However, amid our progressive academic landscape, there is a timeless education practice that we highly promote - our reading programme. These structured initiatives are designed to encourage literacy and instil a love for reading in our students. Reading programs provide numerous benefits that extend beyond the curriculum, including fostering critical thinking skills, nurturing empathy and creativity, and enriching our students’ lives with knowledge and perspective.


      Recently, the YCIS reading programme had some exciting highlights: Three YCIS Beijing teams made us proud with their successful performance in the third round of Battle of the Books (BOB). Additionally, we were fortunate to host an inspiring visit by Matthew Holm, the award-winning children's author and illustrator.


      Climbing Up the Scoreboard - BOB Second Place for Team 2


      We are excited to announce that three YCIS teams participated in the third round of the BOB reading incentive programme. Team 2, our newcomer team, achieved an impressive second place, narrowly missing out on first, in a competition against nine other international schools in Beijing. This achievement follows on from the success of our Champions Team 1 in the previous rounds. Each YCIS team was delighted to take part and showcase their comprehension and communication skills in a healthy, competitive atmosphere. All the students who participated in the literary trivia battle felt accomplished and proud to be part of a community of passionate readers. Our contestants are eager to discover new authors, topics and genres for the final round on May 15th. Congratulations to all our teams for their hard work and dedication!


      Team 1 

      Jaydon C

      Zara Z

      Zoe Z

      Rachel H

      Sean C


      Team 2 

      Maya O

      Evelyn W
      Malia M

      Charles L

      Lynn C


      Team 3 

      Max Z

      Stella J

      Rosalind H

      Yingqi H

      Rebecca A

      Claire B


      The Art of Story Telling - Matthew Holm Entices Primary Students


                "Graphic novels actually provide a great stepping-stone between picture books and chapter books, and can be incredibly complex works of art and literature."-Matthew Holm


      About Matthew Holm

      Matthew Holm is the New York Times-bestselling author and illustrator of more than 30 books for children. He is the co-creator (with his sister, Jennifer) of a number of graphic novels, including the BABYMOUSE series and the SQUISH series from Random House Children’s Books and the SUNNY SIDE UP series from Scholastic Graphix. 


      The visit of Matthew Holm was nothing short of inspiring for our Primary students. His passion for storytelling and illustration was contagious as he shared his journey and creative process with the students.


      The students were thrilled to meet the mastermind behind the beloved Babymouse and Squish series. During his visit, Mr Holm shared his work and illustration style with the students. He also talked about how he went from being a child who loved to draw to an award-winning author and illustrator. His live drawing demonstration was an absolute highlight of his visit, leaving the students mesmerised. At the end of his visit, the students were delighted to have the opportunity to ask Matthew Holm questions about writing books and illustrating comic books.


      We want to express our gratitude to Ms Heather Wright, our whole-school librarian, for organising this unforgettable event for our Primary students. We would also like to thank Mr Holm for his enthusiasm in interacting and connecting with our students, inspiring them to discover the magic of reading and pursuing their own passions and interests.  


      Whether it is BOB or a visiting author, shared reading experiences in schools bring students together to celebrate the joys of literature. These literary events enhance the educational experience and create a supportive environment where students feel empowered to pursue their academic and personal goals. Reading programs help students become lifelong learners and engaged global citizens. Our aim at YCIS Beijing is to continue promoting the importance of reading and to provide every student with the opportunity to unlock the transformative power of the written word.


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