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    Engagement and Empowerment – YCIS Community Impact Fair


    30 Oct, 2023

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    • At YCIS Beijing, students are not passive learners but actively involved members of our community. At last week’s Community Impact Fair, their engagement and dedication as change-makers, thought leaders, creative innovators and community service workers was palpable. This event was an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their passion projects and learn about various initiatives and organisations that work towards positively impacting the community. With over twenty-five booths presenting student-led projects, student charity organisations, NGOs, and local activity organisations, the school auditorium was brimming with excitement and activity! We are proud of our students, parents, and teachers for their commitment to making a real difference in the world!


      Students enriching communities: Local charities and NGOs

      Many local and China-wide organisations offer opportunities to donate time and resources to benefit disadvantaged communities. Some examples of local organisations include Roundabout and Hope, while a China-wide organisation that offers interesting opportunities to impact less privileged communities positively is the From Our Eyes (FOE) project, based in Yunnan. The FOE project advocates videography as an impactful tool to promote ecological protection and sustainable development within rural communities. In addition, students can contribute to our school community by taking on responsibilities for various functions and school events or by participating actively in co-curricular activities (CCAs).


      Students supporting peers: Student-led charities

      Our school community is proud of its two remarkable student-led charities: WeEcho and The Light Story Bee. For three years now, WeEcho has been resonating in the hearts of hard-of-hearing children and their families. Through family outings and fundraisers, they have created unforgettable moments in the lives of these children and their parents and provided them with rehabilitation training. The Light Story Bee is another exceptional charity, dedicating their free time to promoting literacy among children through their weekly bilingual reading programme. Both charities are run by passionate student groups in Year 8 to Year 10 who genuinely care about making a difference in the lives of others. These students have been making a positive impact in our community, and they always welcome new members to share their rewarding and fulfilling volunteer work.


      Students empowering students: Student-run projects

      As a part of the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) programme, IB students have the chance to pursue their interests and passions by creating their own student clubs and inviting fellow students to join their initiatives to explore their common interests and expand their horizons. At the fair, the CAS IB students showcased a vast array of options, ranging from sports teams like badminton, table tennis, and basketball to cultural clubs like the Japanese Culture and Language Club. Moreover, students could sign up for incredible opportunities to participate in informative and inspirational events such as the student-led TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) speech writing club to challenge themselves as thought leaders at the upcoming TEDx speech event in November.


      We would like to express our gratitude to all the charitable organisations and initiatives that have participated in meaningful ways to bring about positive change and have instilled this spirit in our school community. Additionally, we would like to thank our fantastic tripod of students, parents and teachers for their enthusiasm in creating and supporting initiatives to make a difference. The opportunities to contribute to the community abound, whether on a small or large scale, within the school community or beyond, and whether supporting fellow students or underprivileged peers. We are confident that the YCIS Community Impact Fair was just the beginning of the great things we can achieve together.








              “I am a strong supporter of the CAS component of the IB programme because it aligns with my teaching philosophy of promoting authenticity in learning. Students with a genuine interest will be able to set higher achievement goals and explore their passions in greater depth. It encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and grow personally. The Community Impact Fair enhanced their learning experience as they were able to interact with students, parents and teachers, inspire them with their work and create a greater impact.”
      Brian Records, CAS Coordinator 








              “We pass knowledge to kids, especially those who don’t have access to lots of English learning. We are reading bilingual so they can build upon their vocabulary. We teach the kids about animals, science, and many other interesting things. We welcome you to join our group!” 
      Charles Lin, Year 8 student