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    Mid-Year New Student Orientation Welcomes Incoming YCIS Beijing Students and Families


    06 Jan, 2016

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    • On January 4, new students and parents from around the globe began their journeys at YCIS Beijing at the school’s spring semester new student orientation. Families were given a warm welcome by the school’s Co-Principals and co-ordinators, many of whom were nearly as new to the city of Beijing as they were to YCIS Beijing! We caught up with the newly arrived Loh family on the day to hear their thoughts on life in Beijing so far.

      Edward and Sheila arrived in Beijing with their children Kirsten (age 10), Siobhan (age 7), and Janyn (age 5) two weeks ago in advance of their children’s enrolment at YCIS Beijing. While originally from Malaysia, this wasn’t their first relocation rodeo; they’d spent three years in Perth as well. Besides the obvious challenges of corralling three young kids, they cited the suddenness of the transitions as the greatest difficulty in moving due to the nature of Edward’s job working in oil and gas.

      Moving to Beijing didn’t make things easier. During their first two weeks, they were greeted by the notorious Beijing smog. As Sheila observed, “It’s like we’re under house arrest, which is a bummer as Beijing has so many outdoor places of interest to offer!” Thankfully, local Beijingers have helped to ease the transition: “Whether it's the strangers we put on the phone to help direct our Uber driver on some cold wintery nights or the ladies manning the local supermarket aisle, people have been warm and eager to assist in spite of the language barrier. There’s genuine effort to bridge.”

      This bridge is what both Edward and Sheila look forward to most about their upcoming time in Beijing, experiencing cultural enrichment and bonding with a city that holds such a rich and storied heritage. We know that YCIS Beijing will be a perfect complement to these goals thanks to our embrace of Chinese language and culture. We welcome the Loh family to the YCIS Beijing community and wish them the best during their time in Beijing.