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    Elizabeth Briel – Yew Chung International School of Beijing’s Artist in Residence


    13 Jan, 2016

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    • If you’ve visited the YCIS Beijing campus, you’re sure to have seen the lovely murals displayed around the school. This is thanks in large part to the school’s talented Artist-in-Residence Elizabeth Briel. We recently talked with her about the great contributions she makes to the school’s Art Department and how she helps to develop some of YCIS Beijing’s most talented art students.

      Ms Briel began her career as an artist in painting and printmaking at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, after which she apprenticed as a sculptor in Vicchio, Italy. Now she is in her second year at YCIS Beijing. When she’s not busy helping the students hone their artistic skills or creating murals across campus, she’s in her studio creating pieces of her own. She discussed the role of the Artist-in-Residence at both YCIS Beijing and YCIS schools across greater China: “The Artist-in-Residence offers a complementary programme to the arts and sciences at the Yew Chung Education Foundation. Our work enhances the international IB/IGCSE curricula, and encourages cross-disciplinary activities on a large scale.” Unique to YCIS schools, the Artist–in-Residence programme offers a unique benefit to Visual Arts students at the school.

      In addition to general beautification of the school, the Artist-in-Residence is able to offer a special benefit to students who are particularly talented in Visual Arts. Ms Briel says: “Working with me gives students high-level experience and tutoring in the fine arts. Navigating visual culture in the 21st century is more important than ever before. Our emphasis on visual literacy and giving students confidence in creating images is a skill which will help them regardless of their eventual career path.” While the Visual Arts programme is especially strong at the school, this special opportunity for YCIS Beijing students allows them to achieve at an even higher level than normally possible.

      Interested in learning more about the arts programme here at YCIS Beijing? Check out our arts and music page. Be sure to schedule a tour if you want to see some of the lovely murals in person!