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    YCIS Beijing Primary Students Get Creative with Coding


    08 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Bejing prides itself on its commitment to align with innovative science and technology. Starting from March 19, in cooperation with Acode Tech Academy, the school has begun offering coding classes for technologically inclined Primary School students after class giving them the opportunity to harness the power of code by providing them a platform in which they can explore, create, and prepare for our future data-driven society.

      By utilizing “Python” as the primary coding language and combining it with the popular open-world game “Minecraft,” students are introduced to a learning environment in which they are able to expand their creative and critical thinking skills. As Pristine Zhang from Acode Tech Academy explains, “At its heart, coding is about breaking down complex ideas and abstract concepts into small, bite-sized pieces, and organizing them into logically defined structures. This ability to evaluate, de-construct, and process problems in a logical and methodical manner has a huge range of benefits to daily life, from the ways that students approach new challenges, to their responses when confronted with concepts that at first glance may seem too complex”. As mentioned, the skills students learning from participating in this unique coding class can be utilized beyond the confines of a computer screen and equips students with a highly beneficial mental discipline that will serve them in their studies for years to come.

      Acode Tech Academy was the first domestic professional academy synchronized with world youth creative coding education. It was co-established by highly skilled American field experts and professional Chinese art educators. To register for their upcoming summer classes, please call the number at 13581794416 and a representative will assist you. Chinese speakers may also register for the course online at

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