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    Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls in Argentina and Brazil


    15 Apr, 2016

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    • YCIS Beijing strongly believes that learning should always find ways to go beyond the confines of a classroom’s four walls. The World Classroom programme offers students the opportunity to explore other countries firsthand, allowing students to  gain insight into and appreciation of other cultures and customs. This in turn allows them to become more internationally aware and discover how they themselves fit into our global community. This semester, Years 9 and 10 students travelled to South America and experienced the rich and lively cultures of Argentina and Brazil.

      After a travel time of around 30 hours, students from YCIS Beijing, YCIS Shanghai, and YCIS Hong Kong arrived in beautiful Buenos Aires. Students were treated to a myriad of activities, from river cruises to cooking classes to lessons in the always alluring art of tango. When taking time to experience life at street level, students were able to experience Argentinian history, art, and culture from a unique and intimate perspective. Students also witnessed the hardships and growth of the South American nation, something that leaves a much deeper impression than any text book can ever hope to achieve.

      Before taking a short trip to the financial capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo, students found themselves in Iguassu State Park in the northern reaches of Argentina. Thomas Burns, Secondary Design and Technology teacher and chaperone for the World Classroom, described the destination as a “truly magnificent place where the thunderous roar of the waterfall can be heard far into the park.”

      By the end of the week, students were sad to say their goodbyes to their new friends from sister YCIS schools, but promised to stay in contact when they return to China. Students left South America not just with a fresh understanding of the rich and vibrant culture of the continent, but with a greater appreciation for what they have.

      More beautiful photographs of this semester’s World Classroom Trip can be found on our Flickr page. To find out more about what our students are learning at YCIS Beijing, please click here.