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    Beijing Will Rock as YCIS Transports You to a Foot-Tapping Future


    12 May, 2021

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Beijing is thrilled to announce that the curtain will soon go up for the opening night of Asia’s very first major school production of We Will Rock You.

      Students at Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) have been preparing for their upcoming musical on 14 and 15 May.

      Performed by students from Years 7 to 13, We Will Rock You is an exciting tale inspired by the music of the renowned rock band Queen and will be open to parents and relatives of YCIS Beijing students and select YCIS Beijing partners.

      Leading up to the show, we spoke to the theatre director and some cast and crew on how rehearsals were coming along and gained a few insights.

      Tia Moen, YCIS Theatre Teacher & Director

      What sparked your interest in Performing Arts?I have always enjoyed watching the pages of a script come to life.

      What was the reason behind choosing We Will Rock You?Our team of directors thought this would be a great show to introduce the students to an era of music that they would otherwise have never known. 

      Without giving too much away, what is your favourite part about We Will Rock You?Listening to the students sing and rock to Queen's music. A favourite tradition at the end of each rehearsal is when the cast and crew huddle together with their hands in the middle and shout out, “All for one, one for all, all for the love of rock 'n' roll!”

      What skills will students develop through this experience?There are so many skills that students develop when working on a production. A few that stand out are initiative, dedication, responsibility, camaraderie, and a sense of ownership.

      How would you describe the ‘vibe’ amongst the cast and crew?The ‘vibe’ is energy. The students are young. They have so much energy. We are harnessing that energy by creating opportunity for students to ‘rock out’.

      Melody, Head of Costumes

      Melody has been at YCIS Beijing for six years and brings her backstage experience from last year's musical, Elf

      What is your favourite part about We Will Rock You?I like how everyone is so focused.

      What have you learnt from being a part of the cast and crew for We Will Rock You?Being a part of a musical is great fun, but it hasn't been easy. It takes a lot of time and means balancing study and rehearsals. As a member of the crew, I have to take responsibility not only for my own work but also for the team’s effort. It is a learning process. I think there will be a massive sense of achievement in the end.

      How would you describe the ‘vibe’ amongst the cast and crew?Lively and very excited, but also very nervous.

      Teresa, Head of Set and Props

      Originally from Hong Kong, Teresa is in Year 12 and has been at YCIS Beijing for seven years. She was also involved in Elf last year.

      What is your favourite part of the musical?The end, when everyone sings “We Will Rock You” together. That is the best part! 

      What have you learnt from being a member of the crew?Leadership is so important. When you're the leader, you have to think of everything beforehand and plan it all out for each member.

      How would you describe the ‘vibe’ amongst the cast and crew?The experience has been challenging at times, but with our strong sense of collaboration we have been able to overcome the challenges. We look forward to a successful event.

      Parents and relatives are warmly invited to attend the musical and enjoy an evening of entertainment. With an extensive Performing Arts department, YCIS Beijing encourages students to hone their skills while working with classmates on interesting collaborations. Students can join school choirs and orchestras, learn various musical instruments and participate in school performances throughout the year.