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    YCIS Beijing Proudly Flexes Its Muscle


    08 Dec, 2020

    10 : 00

    • On December 2, a nippy Wednesday afternoon, Year 10 students had the opportunity to finally flex their muscle. There was no pushing or shoving. These students were the first to try out all the fancy equipment at our newly installed gym. Located in Honglingjin Park, just a minute by foot from the campus, the new facility is decked out with world class equipment and makes a vital addition to our sporting facilities that include swimming and basketball facilities in the 1872 community complex, the Honglingjin Park running track and, of course, our school’s playground A and gym.

      Top Gear for Top PerformersThe new gym is split in two sections. “The cardiovascular section is where students can use the equipment to improve their endurance and the health of their hearts and lungs,” says Mr Matthew McEwan, Head of Physical Education. The second section is a fitness enthusiast’s dream. In the weight section “pupils can focus on improving their muscular strength,” Mr McEwan adds.

      Equipped with gear such as treadmills, cross trainers, machine weights, cable weights, and free weights – all of which can be calibrated for individuals – the new facility with is set to meet the varied fitness goals of the school community.

      Secondary students can now have a more personalised workout whether it be weightlifting or running. Mr McEwan strongly believes this will aid students build “healthy habits” that will last for “the rest of their lives.”

      Weighty Issues for The CommunityAs sporting activities and international school competitions are sprouting anew, the PE department is delighted with this new addition that will help improve performance levels.

      According to Mr McEwan, the gym will eventually serve as a great unifier of the community through the medium of exercise when Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) and staff training sessions commence.

      Till that time, however, the gym is being used purely for scheduled PE sessions.

      To learn more about our campus facilities, click here.