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    From Coding to Kung Fu: Sign Up for Weekend CCAs


    07 Sep, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Co-Curricular Activities, or CCAs, are an important part of school life at YCIS Beijing. As well as being a core part of the IB Diploma, they help develop valuable soft skills such as team work, communication and self-discipline. With CCAs ranging from volleyball to brush painting, they are a great way to broaden our students’ interests outside of the curriculum.

      We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our weekend CCAs – adding coding classes and football to the already popular Saturday Kung Fu. Find out about each of our weekend classes below, and sign up!

      XMA Kung Fu                               

      Founded by Master Xie in 2006, Xie's Martial Arts (XMA) is an educational Kung Fu programme. Teaching is based around cultivating students’ personality, physical fitness, performance skills and self-defence.

      The XMA Kung Fu programme teaches basic Kung Fu skills through the visualised forms of the Panda, Crane, Tiger, Viper, Mantis, Monkey and Dragon. As students progress from white to black belt, punching, kicking and forms increase in difficulty.

      Kung Fu takes place every Saturday, from 09:00-12:00, and from 16:00-18:00

      To sign up, please contact Xie’s Martial Arts on WeChat: 18811443581

      Smart Coding Plus

      Smart Coding Plus offers cutting-edge coding classes for students aged 6-16. The curriculum includes Smart Coding’s own innovative courses in Creative Computing (Scratch), Adventures in Minecraft, JavaScript (CodeCombat) and Java, as well as popular international coding courses and textbooks.

      Smart Coding Plus has a strong faculty with experienced international and Chinese teachers who are able to tailor their classes to different age groups.

      Smart Coding Plus is partnered with IKM Teckchek, an internationally recognised professional skills certification institution. Students who complete Smart Coding’s courses will get the opportunity to take the IKM custom coding test for kids. 

      Coding takes place on the following Saturdays at 09:30-11:00

      1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th September; 13th, 20th 27th October; 10th, 17th, 24thNovember, 8th, 15th December

      To sign up, email, call +86 18500933181, or visit their website.

      Club Football

      Taught by ClubFootball’s full-time FA/UEFA-qualified professional coaches from the UK, this course gives students an introduction to “the beautiful game”. Sessions teach fundamental skills in a positive and nurturing environment, with older students also building an understanding of basic match play strategies. Fair play and respect for team mates, opponents and officials are emphasised, and ClubFootball’s “ball-per-child” policy ensures maximum enjoyment and engagement.

      Classes take place on the following Sundays, at a range of times:

      16th, 23rd September; 12th, 21st October; 4th, 11th, 28th, 25th November; 2nd, 9thDecember

      To sign up please visit their website or contact them on WeChat: WGQXJuniors