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    The Uni Application Process During COVID-19


    08 May, 2020

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    • The second half of the school year has been largely dominated by news related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Education institutions and other organizations, communities and individuals were forced to devise alternatives to how they typically operate – which has required a large proportion of flexibility and adaptation. Graduating classes and universities around the world have also adjusted their procedure in response to the lockdown. Jonathan Mellen, YCIS Beijing’s University Guidance Officer, offers us an overview of which adjustments University Applications have applied to the regular process and how he plans to prepare our students for new academic year.

      The Application Process and AcceptancesTo keep our graduating class informed and get them ready for their journey to university, Mr Mellen and his colleagues have many university guidance workshops planned every year, where they will cover various topics such as “Simplifying the University Application Process”, “How to write a Stellar College Essay”, “The benefits of attending specific university” and "How Parents Can Prepare their Child for University”.

      This preparation is a great support for our students’ application process and, every year, they receive acceptances to prestigious institution such Columbia University, the University of Edinburgh and Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology to name a few. For some students the application process is still ongoing as they are waiting for the exam results, which will be conducted by the school, to be completed; others are looking to apply in July. For all the school will continue to be provided the support their need.

      Deadline Extension for ApplicationUnlike many areas which have been deeply affected by the pandemic, the impact on the university application process has been limited. The only change many universities have made is to extend their deadline for application and extended the deadline for schools to send official documents. This decision was taken due to the closing of borders by many countries and the shutting down of many businesses including courier and postal services. Despite these challenges and delays, many universities and schools are doing their best to ensure applications can be sent and there is no negative consequences for our students.

      Delayed Student Visas and Online OptionsThe YCIS Beijing Class of 2020 comprises a cohort which has its eyes set on universities around the world, but with long-term travel bans implemented by many countries, the issuing of student visas is expected to be delayed. Therefore, some universities have announced they will have an online option for those students who are unable to get visas. This is in an effort to ensure that classes begin as normal in fall. Right now, universities are still waiting to see what will happen over the Summer.

      YCIS Beijing Class of 2020Mr Mellen also shared that he is very proud of our graduating class who has had to adapt to the many changes happened in the last four months after the school closure, including eLearning, missing their classmates, IBDP exams cancellation and the possibility of missing their graduation ceremony. Our graduating class has continued to keep their wits about them and to show high level of flexibly and understanding.

      Because final decisions are yet to be made, to keep abreast with any new developments, our students are in contact with the universities and will wait for decisions on the fall semester to unfold before making final decisions. Many students will be going to their home country to attend universities, but for those who need a visa they will wait for further instructions.

      Despite the past four months of lockdown, we are hopeful that our graduating class will have a smooth transition into their university lives.