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    Children's Rights and Beyond


    06 Dec, 2019

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    • For the past month, Lower Secondary School students at Yew Chung International School of Beijing went the extra mile working on their Public Service Announcement (PSA) projects for the Going Blue campaign initiated by UNICEF, which seeks to raise awareness for Children's Rights. Now that their projects have been completed, it's time for these projects to be presented to our Upper Primary School students to further stress the importance of Children's Rights.

      The project, which was spearheaded by G100 Coordinator, Michael Manktelow and School Counselor, Rachel George, saw students collaborate with their classmates and external stakeholders to complete their PSAs which simply highlighted rights they believed resonated with them.

      Also involved in assisting with the project were some experts from well-known organizations around Beijing, one of which was Jesse Cruz Fernandez who represented UNICEF.

      "What has impressed me is their ability to take such complex topics and use their creativity to communicate them to people in remarkable ways," he said.

      One of the rights which was a focal point for the students was  No One is Allowed to Hurt Children in a Cruel or Harmful Way which was chosen by Sydney Seinfeld who is in Y8 "The reason I chose this is because it's very important for if a child breaks the law. When they are put in jail they should not be with adults and their loved ones should be able to visit them to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

      The project is hopefully going to positively impact students by this "empowering them to become advocates for others and in turn, increase their knowledge and understanding of the rights that they have and other children around them have." said Mr Manktelow.Many students put their creativity to work to pull off PSAs, and a few that stood out for the facilitators as well were those made by Gabriel Low and Eamon Li, whose products were featured in Beijing Kids magazine's blog post. "They created impactful and thoughtful PSA's that engage with the right they choose and create an environment that fosters viewer empathy and increases understanding." said Miss George.To ensure that their rights are understood by the most important audience, children - PSAs will be presented to Upper Primary School students in the form of workshops. And the decision to do so is because "learning from our peers is one of the most powerful tools in learning, seeing the knowledge and understanding constructed from older peers is both motivating, empowering and inspiring." according to Mike.

      The workshops are intended to support the Life Skills Curriculum that is being delivered in Primary. It offers a different perspective for primary children from their older counterparts and will also enrich what primary students have already learnt in class from their teachers.

      Speaking to what makes this project one of its kind, Drew Pittock of Beijing Beijing Kids said, "The Going Blue project is particularly unique in that it gives the agency back to kids to help them help other children from across the world."