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    Our Commitment to Providing Safe Air Quality


    12 Sep, 2019

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    • We are approaching the end of the summer and the dreaded smoggy Beijing days are upon us. At Yew Chung International School of Beijing, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff and one of the main ways in which we provide high air quality standards is by ensuring that all our indoor facilities are installed with air purification systems. This is in addition to air tight and double glazed doors and windows manufactured by German manufacturer Hormann. Air curtains by Panasonic are also installed at all external doors as a safety measure.

      In addition to guaranteeing our students’ health, our goal is to ensure that regular activities such as sporting activities and learning continues uninterrupted even on the polluted days.  Fanny Du, our Business Manager elaborated on the measures we take, the stakeholders involved in ensuring quality air and the role of parents in contributing to safe environments.

      Why is it important for YCIS Beijing to monitor and maintain a healthy air quality?As children are the number one victims of indoor air pollution:1) First, children's bodies are still growing, so their breathing air capacity is 50% higher than adults by weight, and they spend 80 % of their time is indoors;2) Second, the proportion of indoor pollutants is greater than that of air, and it sinks to a height of 1.2 meters from the ground. Children are shorter and undoubtedly breathe harmful gases in large quantities.3) Thirdly, the most important reason is that children’s immune system of is not yet fully developed, fragile and more vulnerable to poisoning.

       What measures are taken to ensure the safe air quality in our school?1) The installation of air purification systems in all indoor areas and regular filter replacement.2) A regular check of the air quality indoor at various places on a daily basis.3) Choosing quality assurance decoration materials, furniture, and safe partners. 4) Conducting air quality testing after indoor renovation works are completed.5) When outdoor air quality is up to standard, maintaining regular window ventilation

      How often do we conduct air quality tests and which company undertakes the test?Our staff from the Support and Maintenance Department (SMD) conduct these tests every day. We use the IQ Air indoor air quality inspection system.

      We renovated different areas/facilities on our campus during the summer. What measures were taken to ensure students came back to high-quality air spaces?  We chose quality assured building materials, furniture, and partners. We also conducted air quality testing after indoor renovation work was completed. When outdoor air quality is up to standard, the regular window ventilation is maintained.

      What measures can parents take to ensure safe environments for their children on and off campus?In the days of outdoor air pollution:- Prepare air purification devices at home and in cars.- Reduce or even stop outdoor activities.- Make the child wear a mask.- Exercise to improve immunity.- Watch your diet.- Wash face and hands regularly.- Always let the kids rinse the mouth.- Ask your child to clean their nose every day.

      To receive more insight about our how we track air quality. Read more about the YCIS Beijing Air Aware