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    Celebration of Learning; Ancient Egyptian life


    22 Jul, 2019

    10 : 00

    • What comes to mind when you hear the words “mummy” “hieroglyphics” and “pyramids”? The most apt representation of these words is Egypt and the Year 3 learners at Yew Chung International School of Beijing held a Celebration of Learning to demonstrate different aspects of Ancient Egyptian civilization and what contributed to its success. This was part of their Social Studies Unit whose foundation is the importance of understanding and respecting world cultures, which our school prioritises.

      To get a better understanding of Egypt, students first had to learn words associated with this topic. Once familiar with the Egypt Glossary, their mission was to write a story set in Ancient Egypt. Here they had to create story mountains which would work as a guide on the direction their stories would take in terms of structure and plot. The students’ creativity was enthused, and as a result, they managed to come up with captivating pieces of work that were enjoyed by Year 2 students.Like any other ancient civilisation, there are several elements that contributed to the accomplishment of each, with Ancient Egypt, Year four students explored aspects that not only made it successful but also events, people and traditions that are the founding features of the culture and traditions.

      These were other areas Year 3 students focused on;◾ The students learned about the Nile River and the role it played to the people of Ancient Egypt.◾ Egyptian artifacts: Students collaboratively worked in groups to decide on the layout and objects to include for their Ancient Egypt Museum◾The process and work that goes into making a Mummy.

      Celebrations of Learning are interactive presentations that provide a chance for students to celebrate their learning together as a class, and sometimes with other classes and or parents. They are important because other than being fun, they allow students to show  what the've learned in action.