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    YCIS Beijing's Got "G100" Talent


    06 Jun, 2019

    10 : 00

    • It is hard to take risks. To make yourself vulnerable and to showcase new skills. In our recent G100 mini-project for Lower Secondary at Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing), students were challenged to tackle a new skill and share it with their classmates. Students in Years 6-8 were given a few weeks to decide on a new skill and then practise it, to prepare for a one-minute demonstration before an audience of their peers. And boy did they step up to the challenge!

      We witnessed a huge variety of new talents emerge. Some of the highlights of the day’s ‘G100 Talent Showcase’ were dance choreography, gymnastics, juggling, beatboxing, instrumental duets, magic tricks, and engineering challenges to name but a few! We were very proud of the students' eagerness to tackle the challenge and to share their newly acquired G100 talents with such a big audience of their peers. It was a fun project that everyone enjoyed.

      Stay tuned for our next G100 mini-project which is coming up before the end of this school year. Primary School students are cooking up something to augment their Spirit Week and build community for the end of the school year. It will definitely be a blast!

      Not sure what G100 is all about? Check out the video we’ve shared here to discover all about this innovative initiative, including how and why we use it here at YCIS Beijing to boost creativity and self-motivation.