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    We’re Having a Ball! The Masquerade Ball Round-Up


    22 Feb, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Last Friday Yew Chung International School of Beijing Secondary students hosted the spectacular masquerade ball. We speak to Year 10 students Stella Snider-Hickey and Alicia Seng about the event and their highlights from the night.

      What is the purpose of the masquerade ball?

      First and foremost, it’s a fundraiser. This year we were fundraising for Roots & Shoots, A Voice for Animals, and Lost Puppies of Beijing. We raised money through the ticket sales and selling masks and lottery tickets on the night.

      What happened at the ball?

      The theme was “Roaring 20s”. People dressed up in black tie and masks – everyone looked really glamorous! We had student performances for entertainment including dance pieces and comedy. There was also a delicious buffet dinner.

      What were your roles in the ball?

      [Stella] We were both on the organising committee. I did a comedy skit with my friend Chenan and I was also Head of Decorations. I was in charge of planning and ordering decorations and decorating the room on the night.

      [Alicia] I did a dance at the ball. I was also Head of Advertisement – in charge of publicising the event around school. I am good with technology so this seemed like a good opportunity for me.

      Why did you want to get involved with the ball?

      [Stella] In previous years we have put on a Secondary school musical. I’ve always been involved with organising that but this year seemed particularly new and exciting to do a black tie ball.

      [Alicia] I don’t usually perform in public but this year I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone and show my dancing.

      Did you learn anything from taking part in the event?

      [Stella] My team work and people management skills have improved. One of the biggest challenges of organising an event like this is trying to take into account everyone’s ideas and make something that everyone is happy with. I also learned to be more organised because the Spring Festival holiday meant that some of our decorations arrived too late… Advance planning is key!

      [Alicia] For me, the main benefit of the event was forming friendships. It’s a real bonding experience working with other people and collaborating on a big project.

      How do events like this enhance our school community?

      It sounds cheesy but on the night it felt like one big family! It was really nice to see students and teachers all come together, have fun and then talk about it back at school. It brings everyone together.

      What was the highlight of the ball for you?

      [Stella] We ended up having the most fun when there were technical difficulties on the night! We improvised by doing prize draws on the spot while people tried to fix the tech. It could have been stressful, but actually it was really good fun.

      [Alicia] For me the preparation was the best bit. We put on music and prepared the room for the night altogether. It was a really nice way to hang out and get to know everyone.

      Congratulations to all of those involved with organising the ball, and thanks to students, teachers and parents who bought tickets. We look forward to hearing how much money we raised for our worthy charities!