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    What’s the House System All about?


    14 Dec, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Our community at Yew Chung International School of Beijing is reinforced by a house system. We speak to Ms Hayley Edge, Head of Humanities in Secondary, about our school houses.

      What is the house system at YCIS Beijing?

      We have five school houses: Purple Monkeys, Golden Tigers, Red Phoenix, Green Dragons and Blue Mustangs. Students throughout Primary and Secondary schools all belong to a house.

      This year, to generate extra interest in the house system in Secondary, we created a dedicated team within Student Leadership to help organise events and encourage students to get involved. It has already made a big difference.

      There are many ways to earn house points. Throughout the year, students are awarded points for outstanding work and effort, or for winning quizzes and competitions organised by our Student Leadership. There are also whole school events where houses go head-to-head to earn house points.

      What is the purpose of the house system?

      The house system reinforces our school community. It creates a sense of team spirit and belonging that brings students together. It also allows students to form connections in different year levels – which is always a good thing for a school. Aside from this community element, it brings a whole lot of fun and energy and adds a competitive edge to events throughout the year!

      What was the house ball on Friday?

      Last Friday, we threw a party for all Secondary students. It was a prize for the Purple Monkeys who finished this term with the most house points. The room was themed with purple decorations and Monkeys got to choose the music – and had first choice on the snacks! It was a really fun event and nice to see younger and older students all hanging out together.

      What has been the highlight of the house events this year?

      Definitely the house ball. We haven’t thrown a party or disco like that before for the whole of Secondary and I was proud to see what a welcoming, friendly school we have. I also loved Founder’s Day. Founder’s Day is the peak of house competitiveness and patriotism and you see students really come together in their houses to win those points!