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    Out of the Classroom and Into China


    19 Oct, 2018

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    • Experiencing China trips at YCIS Beijing are an essential part of our Secondary curriculum. At the beginning of each year, students from Years 6 to Year 12 enjoy a week of discovery without walls in fascinating and remote locations across China. Ms Farah Sun, Head of Secondary, discusses the highlights from this year’s Experiencing China trips which took students across five of China’s historic provinces.

      There’s no better way to teach our students about China and its diverse culture than taking them outside the classroom. As well as building on cultural understanding, historical knowledge and language skills, our annual Experiencing China trips are also designed to enhance team work, resilience and student and teacher relationships.

      ShanxiYear 6 students visited Pingyao, an ancient walled city and a merchant’s centre, famous for having China’s first bank. They stayed in a traditional courtyard guesthouse and took part in paper cutting, mask painting, noodle making and Kung Fu classes. Outside, they explored Pingyao’s banks and museums and Zhangbi Village to learn about the hidden underground tunnels where soldiers survived.

      ShandongYear 7 students visited Shandong and the Confucius Temple, where they took part in a masterclass on Confucius. Dressed up as his pupils, our students learned about Confucius’s life, family and teachings – including the importance of respecting teachers! Students also competed a grueling seven hour hike up Mount Tai. At the summit they were rewarded by breathtaking views and finished with a thrilling descent via a cable car through the clouds. Zhejiang

      Year 8 students visited Hangzhou and enjoyed a poetry-inspiring view of the West Lake and the temples after a mountain hike. They took a boat to the island in the middle of West Lake to see the “Three Pools Reflecting on the Moon” and used the scenery to inspire some artwork.

      Year 9 students visited the scenic countryside of Moganshan. They visited the beautiful bamboo forests and several small villages, making maps and learning about the local way of life. Students also tried their hands at gardening, farming, cooking and basket weaving. Inner Mongolia

      Year 10s travelled to Inner Mongolia by overnight sleeper train. During the trip they stayed in a traditional Mongolian yurt and experienced the beautiful and extreme landscape of desert, grasslands and mountains. They explored sights by camel and foot and learned the ancient arts of archery, Mongolian wrestling and, of course, yurt building.


      Year 11 and 12 students went to Li Jiang in Yunnan. A tough, two day hike took students through the jaw-dropping Tiger Leaping Gorge. They visited the ancient town of Bai Xia, learned about the Naxi minority group, and made their own dumplings and Naxi bread. At a local primary school, groups split to paint a fantastic mural and play traditional games with the school children.

      An Annual Success

      As always, the Experiencing China trips were an enormous success. Students worked collaboratively to overcome the physical and mental challenges of tough hikes and activities. They were exposed to incredible natural beauty, different ways of life and expanded their understanding and respect for the diversity and cultures of China.   

      Photo Competition

      This year, we are running a photo competition based on the Experiencing China trips. Students can enter their photos under the categories ‘Nature’, ‘Architecture’, ‘Landscape’, ‘People’, and ‘Miscellaneous’.

      The deadline for all entries is Friday 28th October and a selection of the best photos will be printed and displayed in the glass cabinets along the hallway outside the Auditorium. Parents will be invited to vote for their favourites during the Parent-Teacher conference on Friday 19th October.

      We are looking forward to seeing some brilliant and creative images, and to being reminded of the many outstanding sights our students visited this year.